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Listing Launcher for iPhone & iPad

Information about launching listings to eBay US using the SSB Listing Launcher app.

1. eBay Listing Launcher for iPad and iPhone

1.1. Overview

You must use the iOS Listing Launcher application if listing with an iPhone or iPad. With this application, you may prepare and launch listings directly to eBay US.  We have broken the listing process into steps.
When you first login, we ask you what you are selling. Enter a meaningful title and tap Go. Otherwise, you may cancel and proceed directly to the listing steps.
We load your default profile. You may tap any seller profile in the list to choose that one instead. When finished, go to the next step by tapping Title.
As you enter the required information for each step, you'll see a green checkmark. When finished, tap the Review & Launch pane to review your listing and then Launch it to eBay. 
If you need any help along the way, tap the gear icon at the top to reach the preferences page from where you may send us an email.
Features not supported at this time, but planned for future versions!
__Up to 100 images embedded in the template
__MIYO templates
__Bold title, Gallery Plus and Value Pack promotions 
__eBay Motors categories
__Store categories
__Ability to define your own item specifics (add your own)
__Shipping discounts/promotions
__Freight shipping type
__Global Shipping Program
__Create, edit or delete business policies (existing policies are supported if you are opted in)
__International Site Visibility (cross-border trade)
__End Item

1.2. Getting Started with iOS Listing Apps

Step 1: Download the SSB apps to your mobile device

If you are on your mobile device the links below will open directly to the App Store and you may begin your download.

SSB Launcher: Create your listings and post them directly to eBay.

SSB Uploader: Upload your images directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Be sure to download both apps

Step 2: Get your eBay Token (if you don't have one already)

  • Login to the SSB Launcher app using the SSB username & password you selected when you signed up.
  • At the prompt enter your eBay seller ID. You will be redirected to eBay to obtain a token which gives the app permission to post your listings.
  • Enter your eBay seller ID, password and click the sign-in button.
  • Tap the small Agree button on the left side of the eBay page beneath the text. They make it a bit hard to see!
  • On the white confirmation page click the Done button in the top left corner.

Step 3: Create your first listing

You are now be ready to start creating your first listing! You will be prompted to enter a title for your listing. The app will then direct you through the listing process.

2. FAQ's

2.1. Do I have to embed images in the template?

No. You may use the EPS Only layout which sends the image to EPS (eBay Picture Service) only.

2.2. How do I end an item?

Web subscribers: Login to your SSB account, go to eBay Items Launched. Use the End Item action.  
App Only Subscribers:  Log into your eBay account and end the item from there.

2.3. How do I list with Business Policies?

Tap Payment, Shipping and Returns and then choose the Business Policies tab.

When listing with business policies, you do not need to fill out the information on the Enter Terms tab.

2.4. How do I preview my listing?

When required steps are completed, you will be able to tap Review & Launch to reach the Listing Preview. 

The Listing Preview shows your item description and images within the template and it's an approximate layout of its appearance at eBay.

Tap the Listing Data tab to verify the listing options you've selected. When satisfied, tap Launch otherwise, if you need to make changes, tap Cancel.

Note that if you wish to start all over, you may clear your listing data completely by tapping the gear (Preferences) icon and selecting Clear current listing.

2.5. How do I remove a selected shipping service?

Swipe left on the green shipping service and a red delete button will appear. Tap to delete

2.6. How do I search for a different product in eBay's catalog?

The catalog search is based on your title. If you wish to search for a new product, edit your title to be less restrictive. Then go to the Category step and perform the category search again.

2.7. How do I sell similar?

After successfully launching your listing, you'll be shown a confirmation dialog box with your item's number. 

You will be asked if you want to Keep Listing or Clear Listing. To sell similar, just keep the listing and make any needed changes.

2.8. How do I upload images in this app?

You must have already installed the SSB Uploader from the App Store.

Tap the images pane and then tap Upload. The SSB Uploader will initialize. You may choose Upload from Camera or Upload from Library.

When finished tap the link at the upper left hand corner of the app (Back to SSB Launcher). If you are using an older version of iOS, you may not see this link. In this case, press the home button of your device to put the uploader in the background and tap the SSB Launcher icon to resume.

2.9. How do I use the catalog image for my listing?

Currently you must choose at least one image for your listing, even if using catalog.  The catalog image will be sent to eBay however, the app will not let you advance if there are no images selected.  So you will need to select an image to advance even though the image won't be sent to eBay.

2.10. How many images may I place in a listing?

At this time, the maximum number is 12.

We send all these images to eBay Picture Service (EPS) and use the first one for the gallery photo.

2.11. I created a custom value for item specifics. How do I delete it?

Just swipe left and you'll see a blue Edit button and a red Delete button.

2.12. I don't see a green checkmark in a listing step and can't proceed. What should I do?

The steps will checkmark to indicate that you've completed required information.  Check to be sure you have selected all required item specifics.

EBay prefers including one or more non-required item specifics.  Check to be sure you have at least one domestic service and have indicated a cost (or Free) any package details in the case of calculated shipping.

2.13. I don't ship my items. How do I specify local pickup only?

Select Flat shipping type and then Add a Service. At the bottom of the option list, you may select local pickup.

2.14. May I list to eBay Motors or Real Estate categories?

Not at this time.

2.15. May I schedule my listing?

Not at this time.

2.16. What does the error, Invalid Category (87) mean?

This error can occur when eBay has changed their categories and ours are out-of-sync.

Please contact our support team and we'll update it.

2.17. Where can I see a history of the items I've just launched?

Tap the gear icon (Preferences) and you'll find a history of the last 20 items launched.

You may also login to the web application and go to eBay Items launched. There, you will see a detailed history of your launched items. You will have access to the End Item, Sell Similar, Revise and Relist actions.

2.18. Why are some checkmarks yellow instead of green?

Yellow checkmarks are warnings that indicate you could be adding more information.

In the case of Item Specifics, it's to remind you to add additional item specifics beyond the required ones. eBay prefers receiving as many as possible. This also helps you gain more visibility to potential buyers.

2.19. Why are some item specifics options in red?

These are required item specifics and must be selected in order to list to your category. 

On very long item specifics lists, be sure to scroll all the way down in case any are not visible on smaller devices. Additionally, if eBay requires a GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) it will also be indicated in red.

If you do not have one for your item, then select Not applicable which inputs "Does not apply." This will satisfy eBay's requirement.

2.20. Why can't I offer more than 1 free shipping service?

eBay's API only allows the first shipping method to be designated as free.  This is a limitation of eBay's API.

2.21. Why isn't the Launch button activated on the Listing Preview screen?

The Launch button remains gray until any error messages returned by eBay are resolved. Please tap Listing Data and look for any errors returned by eBay. Tap the Cancel button to reach the main listing steps. Make any needed changes and then tap Review & Launch again. 

When the Launch button turns blue then you are ready to launch. Tap launch.  Please note that any warnings returned by eBay are usually informational and do not prevent launching.