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Shipping Insurance

1. Shipping Insurance

1.1. Shipping Insurance: Overview

Listings > SSB Shipping Insurance > Insure My Item
In Sold, Paid and Shipped views, the Add Insurance action may be selected. This takes you to the Insurance workspace.

Shipping insurance is provided through a third-party insurance provider and covers packages shipping from the United States and Canada via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Domestic and International packages may be covered, including USPS International 1st Class Mail.

When choosing to insure packages through SSB's insurance service, be sure to include tracking through your carrier.

1.2. Shipping Insurance Terms and Conditions

Shipping Insurance Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using our insurance program. Please read the Terms & Conditions at the following link to be sure your items qualify for the insurance program. 

View our complete Shipping Insurance Terms & Conditions

1.3. Shipping Insurance: Funding Your Account

Before you can insure any packages, your insurance account must be funded.
How to Fund Your Insurance Account:

You will be redirected to a PayPal payment screen. You may either log in to your PayPal account or click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" to pay as a guest. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction. You will be returned to SSB when the payment has been accepted.

As items are insured, we debit your insurance account. The balance remaining on this account is always displayed next to "Insurance Funds Available", for convenience. However, it may take a moment for the balance to update. If purchased funds do not appear in your account within 30-60 minutes of purchase, please contact SSB Support.

1.4. Shipping Insurance: Add Insurance

How to Add Insurance to your Item:

In order to add insurance, your buyer must have checked out and your item marked as shipped either via eBay or SSB's Mark as Shipped action. If you try to add insurance to an item that doesn't meet these criteria, you will receive an error. You must add insurance within 48 hours of having shipped your item.

We depend on transaction data sent to us by eBay. Please note there is generally a 2-minute delay in updating the eBay Items views as we collect fresh transaction information from eBay.

Our system automatically fills in the needed information to insure your package based on information sent to us by eBay about your transaction.

The item number is displayed, followed by the Carrier and Service Name. The carrier and service name must match the actual one used to ship your package, otherwise, your insurance purchase will be disqualified. The tracking number is imported from eBay.

The declared value is the total including shipping and handling. You may change this to the actual value of your item.

The Package Description should always include the eBay Item Title. This is automatically inserted. You may add to this description if needed.

The Seller and Buyer information is shown. This may not be changed and must reflect what is on record at eBay.

You will reach an Insurance Confirmation page that displays a confirmation number. This number is your unique insurance ID for this package and is reflected in your insurance history.

Click Continue and you will be returned to the eBay Items pages.

Note: Our system will prevent you from adding insurance if your carrier already includes insurance for certain values.
Only items that you launched from SSB will appear in Active and Sold views. If you list an item from SSB and it ends, and then it is relisted or sold similar from eBay (new item number generated) and that new item sells, it will not appear in the Sold view at SSB.
To add insurance to such an item, first import the transaction to SSB. To do this, input the item number of the sold item within the search box at the upper right hand corner of the page and click search. The transaction for your sold item will be obtained from eBay. You may need to navigate to eBay Items Launched and back to sold view to see the transaction. To avoid having to import items, please try to perform your relists and sell similar activities from SSB whenever possible.

Shipping insurance does not support combined shipments or split listings at this time. Should you wish to insure one package containing multiple listings' items, or to insure multiple packages for a single listing's items, please contact our help desk for assistance.

Before you decide to insure your item through SSB, please check to be sure your sale has been recorded in Sold view first!

Currently, it's not possible for our members to directly cancel (void) an insurance transaction. Should you purchase insurance and change your mind, please contact our support desk for assistance. An insurance purchased may be canceled only within 24 hours and only if the package hasn't shipped.

1.5. Shipping Insurance: History and Claims

How to view Insurance History and File a Claim:

If you are unable to access your Insurance History page on SSB, you may also reach the claims form by simply clicking HERE.
Note: Seller Sourcebook does not handle insurance claims directly. All claims must be made directly to the insurance carrier.

2. FAQs for Shipping Insurance

2.1. Does Seller Sourcebook provide insurance?

Yes and no! We are not an insurance company, but we are offering you coverage on your packages from an insurance provider.  Some of the benefits include:

 The shipping insurance is less expensive than the coverage from the USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

  1. The coverage is for Domestic and International packages valued up to $2000 ($999.99 for First Class).
  2. Insurance can be purchase directly within our website, without the need to wait in line at the post office.
  3. Policies can be purchased up to 2 days after the carrier's recorded ship date.
  4. The claims process is easy and can be completed online.

 View our complete Shipping Insurance Terms & Conditions