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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Browsers

1.1. How do I clear my browser's cache?

How to Clear Your Browser's Cache

Your internet browser's cache stores certain information about webpages you visit, so that they'll load more quickly in the future. However, sometimes cached information can cause unexpected problems. In most browsers, cache and cookies may be cleared via the Settings page.

For specific instructions (with screenshots) on how to clear the cache for all major browsers, click on one of the links below:

Google Chrome: Computer | Mobile

Firefox: Computer | Android | iPhone/iPad

Microsoft Edge: Windows Computer

Safari: macOS | Mobile

How to Clear Your Browser's Cache
Article provided by wikiHow, Author Jack Lloyd



1.2. How do I install Java?

Java is a programming language and computing platform. It is the underlying technology that powers the SSB image uploader if you are using a browser other then Internet Explorer.

Please go to the following link and it will test to see if you have java.  If you don't have the latest version you will be given the chance to install it: Do I have java?

How to remove older versions of java

1.3. How to reset Fire Fox.

If you're having problems with Firefox, resetting it can help. The reset feature fixes many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information like bookmarks and open tabs.

Here is a link to Mozilla's help page with instructions for resetting Fire Fox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/reset-firefox-easily-fix-most-problems

1.4. Which browsers does SSB support?

SSB supports the latest version of the following browsers:


Chrome - Download Chrome

Firefox - Download Firefox

Microsoft Edge - Download Microsoft Edge


Chrome - Download Chrome

Firefox - Download Firefox

Safari - Download Safari

We no longer officially support Microsoft's Internet Explorer (any versions), or any versions of the AOL browser.

2. Bonanza

2.1. Why is the "To Bonanza" option not offered for my eBay item?

If you have imported items from eBay to our system, you must first apply an SSB template to convert it to our system. The "To Bonanza" option is hidden until this has been done.


2.2. Why don't international shipping options display in my listing?

Bonanza displays the international shipping fee based on the IP address of the viewer. Therefore, if you are in the US, viewing your own booth, you will see only US shipping fees. If you login from Australia and the seller ships to your country, you will see Australian fees, etc.

Please see Bonanza's help page for additional information:  International Shipping

2.3. Why isn't my booth image displaying correctly?

If your image is over 600px wide Bonanza crops it for the booth view. 

This is a current limitation with their API.

3. eBay

3.1. Do listings with templates display properly on mobile devices?

We tested listings created with our templates as well as listings created with templates on other listing services sites. In all cases we found them to display properly within the eBay app. When using the built in browser on mobile devices we found templates displayed properly in all except one device; on that device just the text displayed.

Here is a link to a graphic we put together showing how SSB templates and two other services templates show up in eBay's app on Android phones & tablets, iPhones, iPads and Kindle Fire: http://www.sellersourcebook.com/images/all_mobile.jpg

3.2. How do eBay's Search Results & Best Match work?

Search Results:
eBay uses an algorithm to figure out where listings rank and are shown in search results. eBay won't disclose the full details of the algorithm but they have stated that the following things do effect where your listings will show in search results.

1. Seller follow best practices
2. Sales History
3. Adopt service standard
4. Be top rated
5. Seller DSR
6. Handling Time
7. Shipping costs or if they offer Free Shipping

Best Match:
Best Match is eBay's default sort order for search results. The goal of Best Match is to increase sales and reduce bad buyer experiences.  Best Match considers a number of factors, which may vary based on the listing format and selected categories.

These include:
1. Relevance to the buyer's search
2. Item popularity with buyers
3. Value to buyers
4. Listing completeness and quality
5. The listing's terms of service (such as return policy and handling time)
6. The seller's track record on eBay

Items are given a "score" and then sorted. Auction-style and fixed price listings are sorted separately according to the most relevant criteria and then combined to show buyers a mix of both types of listings on each page of search results. Best Match is regularly updated, but the keys to success for sellers remain the same: follow best practices and optimize for clicks and sales.

For more information on Best Match please view eBay's help page: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/searchstanding.html

3.3. How do I optimize my listings for better eBay search rankings?

Suggestions for optimizing your listings for better search rankings:

  1. Write a good title.
    • DO Use up to 80 characters to describe your item
    • DO Make your title clear, concise and professional
    • DO State exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name
    • DO Use sentence or title case
    • DO Use correct spelling
    • DON'T Use all capital letters.
    • DON'T Use special characters like punctuation marks or asterisks
    • DON'T Include multiple synonyms (like purse, handbag, and bag).
    • DON'T Use words that don't describe your item (wow or l@@k)
    • DON'T Use words that are false or misleading
  2. Use the Image layouts that have the images "below" the description text.
  3. Complete as many of the recommended item specifics as possible to insure your items are returned in search and ranked properly.
  4. List in the correct category. Selecting the right category is crucial to accurately describe your inventory. Be precise when you select your category so it is the most relevant one for your item.
  5. Focus on customer satisfaction. Offer the highest levels of service possible to your buyers. Reduce your low detailed seller ratings (DSRs ) and the number of buyer claims against you. Achieve Top Rated status.



3.4. How do I resize my images to meet eBay's image requirements?

Please go to the SSB Image Manager (Images > Manager > View Images), change the Category to All Images, and change the Sort By to be "Width Sm-Lg". Then, look at the "File Size" field to the right of the image. This will show you your thinnest images. For an image to be usable on eBay, it must be at least 500px wide.

You may resize the image to make it larger using our image editor, but if the image is a lot narrower than 500px wide, this may cause the image to become pixelated.

To resize the image, click on the Tools icon next to the image thumbnail, to open the "Edit Image" window.

Click on the "Rotate & Resize" button. For the "Size" field, use the dropdown to select 500px. Preview the image to make sure there isn't too much distortion, then Apply the changes. The "Edit Image" window will close, returning you to the Image Manager.

If resizing the image causes it to become too pixelated, you may need to reupload the image at a larger size. While viewing the image in the Image Manager, click on the Date link to the right of the image thumbnail, then reupload an image that is 500px wide.

That will update the image in your SSB account. If this image is already embedded in the listing description on any listings at eBay, the embedded image will now use the new size, as well.

3.5. How do I revise a listing I posted or relisted at eBay?

You may revise your listing at eBay, provided it has no bids, and does not end within 12 hours. There are two ways to do this:


Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched.

Enter your eBay Item ID in the search box at the upper right and corner and click Search.

Our system will import your listing from eBay.

When the listing appears, choose the action Revise from the option list.

When you land in the Listing Launcher, click Edit Item Description in the action bar.

You will be brought to the Listing Generator. 

Make any changes you need to make here.

Now, just click Back to Launcher and then Revise Now.





First, please go to your saved listing draft at SSB, click the tools icon and you will be back in the Listing Generator.

Make your revisions and preview your listing. Then click on the Save button and then on Save to save your changes.

Next, click on the Code button on the upper right of screen.

On the Get Code screen we have a button named Copy Code. Clicking this button will copy all of the HTML code that makes up your listing to the clipboard. The clipboard is an invisible area on each computer that is used to temporarily store cut or copied information.  *FF Users: Click on Copy Code.  Right click in the code box and then select Copy.

Next go to eBay and choose to revise your auction.  Click the Active link under My eBay Views, the list of items you are currently selling appears.  Find the item you want to revise and select the pull-down menu under the Action column and click the Revise link.  The Revise Your Listing page appears.

When you reach the Description field click on the HTML tab.  Click inside the description box at the beginning of the code and hit the Ctrl and A keys together on your keyboard. This will highlight (select) all the HTML code. Now press the delete key on your keyboard. You should now have a blank box. Please make sure there is no text at all in the description box.

Now right-click in the description box and select paste. Your new HTML code will appear in the box.

Be sure to preview your listing by clicking on the Preview link just below the HTML box. Don't change to the standard tab as eBay's WYSIWYG editor will sometimes strip out code and cause display issues.

If all looks well click on Close to close your preview.  Click on the Continue button and then on the Submit Revisions button to update your eBay listing.

3.6. How do I transfer items from one eBay Seller ID to another?

eBay does not officially support transferring items from one eBay Seller ID to another. 

We do have a transfer utility that is practical for smaller numbers of listings (perhaps 50 to 100) as there is some manual work involved. The listings must be active and the IDs you wish to transfer between must be for the same site (i.e. US to US, UK to UK, etc). You must be using the Advanced Listing Launcher (if you're an SSB Deluxe user, you may select the Advanced lister in Site Preferences).

To transfer items, you'll need to have a profile and a token for each Seller ID. Then, you'll need to import the listings you wish to transfer, and apply templates to them (to convert them to our system). Once this has been done, you'll be able to transfer your listings.

For more information, please click here or check the Related Pages section at the bottom of this article.


3.7. How do I Revoke Third Party Authorizations?

To prevent previously used listing services from inserting their galleries, counters or other widgets, you must revoke their tokens at eBay.
1. Log into your eBay account and going to My Ebay.
2. From the account tab, please go to Site Preferences.
3. Past the General Preferences bar in blue, you will see Third Party Authorizations.
4. Click on show link.  There will be a list of all of the Third Party Authorizations. Look for your previous image hosting/template provider.
5. Check the box and it will revoke their authorization once you click apply.

3.8. eBay's Bulk Editor - How to do Find and Replace.

On eBay navigate to My eBay > Selling > Active ~OR~ Seller Hub > Active

Note for Seller Hub you need to Click on Edit then on Edit Selected



Note to ensure you remove the entire url you must find and replace the FULL url including the http://   


eBay will process the listings.
Preview the changes with the magnifying glass icon.
Are the changes ok? Move to the next step.
Changes not ok? You can uncheck the ones that aren't and still submit the ones that are or you can cancel the whole thing.



3.9. What is a gallery image?

When you search for items on eBay, listings show and have an image to the left of the item.  That image is the gallery image.

NOTE: eBay allows you to customize the view on the search results page.  If you have customized the view to hide pictures then the Gallery images will not show.

NOTE: Ensure that the images and the URLs are in one of the supported formats such as jpeg, bmp, tif or gif. If your URLs do not end in one of these extensions, the behavior will be unpredictable.

Change or fix your gallery image

3.10. Why is HTML Code displaying instead of my template?

Some sellers choose to copy code from SSB and post it directly to eBay.

Be sure not to use eBay's "simple" form to post your auction. This simplified version of eBay's form does not support HTML.

When you go to sell your item, look for the link, Advanced editing.

Clicking on this link gives you a more advanced form. When you reach the Item Description box, be sure to first click on the HTML tab before pasting your code.

This is an essential step as it lets eBay know that you're pasting code and not straight text. 

Additional information: eBay Sell Your Item Form



3.11. Why is my private listing showing for everyone?

The private listing feature is confusing on eBay. When you check the box for 'Private Listing' you are actually making it so that buyers' ID's will not be shown in the listing or in the bidding history. You can read about a private listing here https://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/private.html

If you need to set up a private listing for a particular eBay buyer, here is what you can do:

Put 'PRIVATE listing for xxxxxxxx' in your title and then state it in the listing as well. In the description, state that if someone else purchases the item, that it will not be shipped and will be refunded immediately. If someone were to do that, you would get your fees back for you clearly stated the terms in your listing.

Once the item is launched to Ebay, send your buyer the listing number so that they can purchase it right away.

3.12. Why isn't my listing showing up on eBay search?

Per eBay's help page: Finding items you listed for sale 

"If you recently added or revised a listing, it might not appear immediately when you search or browse on eBay. Although listings are generally searchable within 24 hours, to help make eBay a safe place to buy and sell, there are times when this might take longer."

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to change this issue, as it happens when using SSB, other third-party listing hosts, or when listing directly at eBay.

4. eBay Items Launched

4.1. My buyer has checked out at eBay, but the paid symbol is missing next to my sold listing. Why?

The eBay Item pages' item status indicators depend on eBay's notifications and orders data being correctly received from eBay. Occasionally, a notification may fail to be received. If you know that your buyer has already paid, but the dollar sign symbol is missing from your sold item at SSB, you may use the Mark as Paid action. This adds the dollar sign indicator to your listing entry.
Unlike with using the Mark as Shipped action, using the Mark as Paid action does not send any update to eBay. It simply updates the status at SSB for your reference so that it matches what eBay has on record.

4.2. Can I save listings I have launched?

You can save copies of listings you have already launched to SSB Saved listings, but must be done individually for each item.

Only the "SSB" info is retained (images, layout, template and description). We cannot retain the eBay-centric information, because categories and item specifics change over time at eBay, and also because eBay purges the listing history after 90 days on unsold or sold items. Please be sure to keep any images associated with your listings in the SSB Image Manager, as these images will be needed when it's time to list these items again.

Navigation: Listings > eBay Items > Launched

How to Save a Listing from eBay Items Launched to SSB Saved Listings:

1. Select the Sell Similar action.

2. At the upper left hand corner of the Listing Generator page, mouse-over the save button.  You will see the name, "sellsim item." Replace this name with a meaningful one and then click Save on SSB button.

3. Stop here. Do not click "Prepare to Launch" unless you also wish to launch this item again.

Once you saved the listing, if you have more listings you would like to save, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched.  Perform the same procedure on another launched item.



4.3. How do I revise a launched listing that already has bids?

If your auction already has bids, eBay will only allow you to add to the listing when you revise at eBay. You will not be given access to the previously entered description information;

To add an image, you can just use some simple HTML to display these additional pictures:
First you need to get the URLs for each of your photos; the URL for an image can be found below each image in the Images Manager right under the image thumbnail.

Next, for each image you want to use the following piece of HTML code:

<br><center><img src="YOUR URL HERE"></center><br>

What you do is insert the URL for the image in the spot that says "YOUR URL HERE" making sure to keep the quotation marks around it, as they are part of the HTML syntax.
The pictures would appear below your template, and eBay would include their usual message that the seller has added additional information.


4.4. Importing Missing Sold Transactions

Missing "sold" transactions may be easily imported to our system.

To do this, in sold view, simply input the eBay ID into the search field at the upper right hand corner and click search.

If the sold/paid/shipped transaction is missing in our system for any reason, we will search eBay for recent order information and automatically import it, as well as display the listing in eBay Items Launched (if it was missing).

4.5. Why aren't all of my listings shown in eBay Items Launched?

The eBay Items Launched view serves as a log of items launched via our Listing Launcher.

Our eBay Items pages show active listings and ended listings for 90 days from the date of launch.  Older listings may still display, but you will see a "Delete" button next to them. We rely on eBay having the data on their server in order for us to fully reconstruct the listing.

If you Relist from SSB, you will find an entry for your relisted listing, however, if you had relisted or sold similar from eBay, that new listing will not show on your eBay Items Launched page.  You can, however, import the listing to your eBay Items Launched view at SSB by simply searching for the item number using the search option in the action bar.

You may also import such listings in bulk by using our Listings Import utility. To use it, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import. Imported items will be marked as imported.


5. eBay Listing Launcher

5.1. How do I get another token?

A token is like a key you've given us to launch listings to eBay on your behalf. If you change your password at eBay, your token will be immediately expired by eBay, and we will lose access to your eBay account. (Basically, you've changed the locks, so the "key" you gave us before no longer works.)

Even if you do not change your password, tokens do not last forever. For security reasons, eBay typically expires them every 12 months. Tokens may also become invalid sooner if eBay suspects an issue with your eBay seller account, or if eBay makes changes to the required token format.

How to get a new token:

To refresh your token, please navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. (In the Listings tab of our main navigational menu, look under the Utilities heading for Seller Profiles. Click on Seller Profiles.)

In the "Launcher Token Management" table, find the eBay ID you wish to refresh the token for, and select the action "Refresh token."

At the "eBay Authentication & Authorization" screen, click OK.

You will be redirected to eBay. Be sure to log in to the same eBay account.

At the next page, you may be asked to "Grant application access: Seller Sourcebook".

If you see a list of permissions, be sure to scroll through all of them.

Click on the "Agree and Continue" button.

[!] If the Agree button is greyed out, you may not have scrolled through the entire permissions list. Move your mouse cursor over the list, and a scroll bar should appear. (If it doesn't, click within the area once.) If your mouse has a mouse wheel, scroll until you reach the bottom of the list. Otherwise, click and hold on the scroll bar and drag it down as far as it can go. The Agree button should then become blue and clickable.

Once you have obtained your token, you will be returned to the Seller Profiles page.

You will then be set to list your items.

5.2. The Edit Description button is missing - Why?

The reasons why the "Edit Description" button would be missing within the Advanced Listing Launcher are as follows:

1. A template was never applied to the listing after it was imported from eBay. Applying a template is what converts listings to our format and makes them editable within our Listing Generator.

2. After a template was applied or for items launched from SSB originally, the listing was revised directly at eBay using their preview editor. Doing so will wipe out our special SSB codes that allow us to load your listing into the Listing Generator. Be sure any editing that is done at eBay is done in HTML mode! For eBay's latest and even more simplified listing page, the HTML editor is hidden. Be sure to click the "Show all options" link at the upper right hand corner above the item description. At the prompt, click "Continue Anyway". Then checkmark "Show HTML code." Your editing needs to be done within the HTML editor. 

It is preferable to revise and edit via SSB whenever possible to avoid our codes from being erased.

5.3. Can I change my profile when I revise?

During a revision operation, the profile or country may not be switched. eBay does not permit a seller to revise an active listing and switch it over to another eBay ID, or to another country. By design, when you click on Edit Description and are returned to the Listing Generator, the profile is not editable.

5.4. Can I delete previously used categories?

The Listing Launcher's Previously Used Categories selector retains the last 50 categories used. As more are used, the oldest ones are deleted. Frequently used categories are retained. If you happen to have more than one eBay Seller ID, then you are allowed to have 50 previously used categories per ID.

If you want to "clean up" this category list, there is a way.

Click on the manage link. A popup window will open.

Checkmark the categories you wish to remove.

Click the Delete Selected button.

5.5. Can I use eBay's Global Shipping Program with SSB?

If you have opted in to eBay's Global Shipping program, you will see the Use eBay Global Shipping option shown in the International Shipping section on the SSB launcher form. Select the check box to include the listing in eBay's global shipping program.

Eligibility to Offer the Global Shipping Program

Currently, sellers may offer shipping via the Global Shipping Program in their listings, subject to the following qualifications:

The seller must be opted in to the Global Shipping Program, and have a seller rating of Above Standard or higher.

The listed item must be located within the United States, listed on eBay.com, and in an item category that is eligible for Global Shipping. The item must not be illegal, hazardous, subject to export restrictions, prohibited by eBay, or prohibited by the Global Shipping Program. (See the eBay User Agreement and the International trading policies and FAQs.)

The buyer usually must have delivery address that is a residence or street address, not a P.O. box, FPO or APO address. However, a P.O. box is acceptable for certain select countries.

The total value of the final order (including shipping and handling, but not import charge) cannot be more than USD 2,500.00 (USD 1,600.00 for buyers in Canada). However, some countries have lower maximum sale prices.

The package's weight, length, and dimensions must not exceed the maximum values allowed for the buyer's country. Different countries have different maximum values. To reach the most buyers, the package should not exceed a weight of 66 lbs, a length of 66 inches, or dimensions in sum of 118 inches.

( i ) Package Dimensions: Dimensions = length + 2 * (width + height). The length is the package's longest side.

Offering Multiple Shipping Services:

Sellers who have not opted in to the Global Shipping Program can specify up to four domestic and five international shipping services for a listing.

Sellers who are participating in the Global Shipping Program can specify up to four domestic and four international shipping services, plus Global Shipping. This is the case regardless of whether or not the Global Shipping Program is actually offered for the listing.

If the Global Shipping Program is offered for a listing, it takes precedence, and International Priority Shipping will be the sole international shipping service offered to any Global Shipping-eligible buyer who views that listing (For example, besides Global Shipping Program, if you were to include two Priority Mail-type services, one UPS and one FedEx, the UPS and FedEx services will not display in the listing even though they were submitted to eBay).

If the buyer or the item is determined by eBay or the international shipping provider to be ineligible for the Global Shipping Program, the other international shipping options will automatically be offered for the listing instead.

Additional Information:

For more up-to-date information on eBay's Global Shipping Program and country-specific restrictions, please check eBay's Global Shipping Program Help Page.


5.6. How do I create shipping exclusions?

There isn't a way to set up shipping exclusions directly at SSB. 
Please set up your shipping exclusions on eBay directly.  When you launch a listing from SSB the shipping exclusions you have set up on eBay will be applied to the listing.
If you select a particular region or world wide, eBay knows where you won't ship and will exclude those areas from your listing.
At this time, it is not possible to override eBay's shipping exclusions for individual listings when listing with our form.
You can be opted into the "Global Shipping Program" and still be able to exclude certain regions. eBay asks you if "Global Shipping Program" can override your exclusions or not when you set it up.


Set up shipping exclusions at eBay:
1. Log in to your eBay account.
2. Click My eBay at the top of any eBay page
3. Click on the Account tab and select Site Preferences
4. Go to the Selling Preferences section 
5. At Shipping Preferences click "Show"
6. At Exclude shipping locations from your listings click "Edit"
7. Select the areas you want to exclude.
(Optional: You may also checkmark a box to "Apply to all current live listings.")
8. Click on Apply to save the changes.
After you have set up your shipping exclusions, you must also complete the Buyer Requirements section:
1. At Buyer requirements click "show"
2. At Block buyers who click "Edit"
3. At Buyers in countries to which I don't ship check mark box "Block buyers who are registered in countries to which I don't ship."
(Optional: You may also checkmark a box to "Apply above settings to active and future listings.")
4. Scroll down and click Submit.

5.7. How do I change the number of days for my return policy?

To change all your listings to 30 days, please use eBay's bulk edit feature. Login to your "My eBay" and view your active items. Checkmark the items you wish to update, and click the Edit button. At the upper left hand side of that screen, there will be an option list. Choose the Return Policy and then change it to 30 days. Submit your changes.

You may make changes from SSB via our Revise function, but it supports one listing at a time.

Please be advised that when using  Sell Similar, Revise or Relist at SSB, that we load the information returned to us by eBay. Please always double-check the return policy # of days before posting.

5.8. How do I use the Sales Tax Table I have set up on eBay?

If you have the sales tax table set up in your eBay account, as long as you do not enter anything on the SSB listing launcher page, the information in the sales tax table that you have set up at eBay will be used.

If you enter anything in the sales tax field on the SSB Listing Launcher form that will be used instead of the information that you have entered your eBay sales tax table.

Please note: The listing will only pick up the eBay sales tax table as a new listing. When relisting, leaving the sales tax field blank will cause the listing to show that no sales tax is charged.  You will want to revise via eBay to add the eBay sales tax or relist via eBay.


5.9. How do I select or refresh my store categories?

Your eBay store categories need to be downloaded while working within the Listing Launcher form.

It's a one-time requirement, and needs to be done again only if you have changed the categories at eBay.

In the Categories section of the form, click on the Refresh button next to the Main Store Category dropdown menu. Once you have done this, your store categories should be available for selection.

Note: If the categories do not update immediately, they will update when you next visit the Listing Launcher. If you know you'll need to list to a new or updated store category right away, we recommend that you Refresh your store categories as soon as you can. Then, if you click "Cancel" (to be returned to the Listing Generator), and "Prepare to Launch" (to reopen the Listing Launcher), you'll be able to select the updated category.

5.10. How do I sell multiple items in lot listings?

1 lot with 3 items = 1 buyer will receive all 3 items

10 lots with 1 item = 10 buyers will receive 10 items - or a buyer could choose to purchase 3 items, but they will have to pay the list price x 3.


You have 5 forks, 5 knives and 5 spoons and you want to sell a lot of 1 fork, 1 knife and 1 spoon.

You would list it as 5 lots with 3 items in each lot (1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon).

5.11. How to update to secure URLs for my variation images?

If eBay has flagged your multi-variations listings for containing non-secure URLs, they may be updated as follows:

At SSB, choose to revise the listing.  You will land in the Listing Launcher.

Click Edit Item Description to return to the Listing Generator. This loads fresh code.

Click Back to Launcher.

Click the Edit link for your variations.

Click the Pictures breadcrumb link.

Use the Clear button under each image.

Re-select each image.

Click Next and Finish.

Click Revise Now.



5.12. How can I automatically delete images from sold listings?

On the listing launcher form in the Listing Details section, there is the Image Cleanup option. This feature allows you to specify how you'd like your images to be cleaned up.
This feature is now available for all listing formats (auction-style, fixed-price and variations listings). In the case of variations listings, the images would be deleted when all variations and their quantities have been sold.
Your choices within the option list are:  Do not delete or Delete 15, 30, 60 or 85 days after the item is sold on eBay.
When eBay sends us a notice that your listing has sold, we will mark all the images for deletion and our system will automatically delete them from the Image Manager at the number of days specified.
Please do not set images for deletion if you have other listings using these images (either auction-style or fixed-price) because eBay links directly to your SSB Image Manager for the images in your template, and they must remain in your Image Manager if they are in use anywhere.  Only the images that had been placed in the template are deleted. We do NOT remove images hosted by eBay (such as the gallery or preview pictures).
Deleted images are sent to the SSB Recycle Bin in your account where they remain for 30 days in case they need to be undeleted. They may be viewed by navigating to Images > Utilities > Undelete Images.

5.13. What fields are retained (sticky) on the listing launcher?

When you first launch a new listing at SSB, you must fill out the fields within the Listing Launcher so that eBay can accept your listing. Once you have launched a listing, the next time you create and launch a new listing, you will find that the information within some fields has been retained for your convenience. These fields are as follows:

Listing Type and Duration:
Listing Type 
Private Listing 

Quantity & Pricing:
Number of Items or Lots
Items per Lot

Sales Tax 

Listing Details: 

Item Location 
Seller's Postal Code 
Seller's Country 

Image Promotions:
Gallery image
eBay Picture Service
Enter Terms:
Payment Methods 
Domestic Shipping Services 
International Shipping Services 
Use Business Policies:
Instructions and Authorization 
Payment Policy 
Shipping Policy 
Return Policy 
You are free to make changes as needed, and such changes will be retained for the next new listing you launch.

In the case of using the Sell Similar, Revise or Relist functions, the Listing Launcher will load the all the information you had used before for that particular listing, including listing type, category, item specifics, start price, and BIN.

5.14. Why am I being charged for Cross Border Trade?

If you have "International Site Visibility" selected on the listing launcher form, you will see a fee for "Cross Border Trade" on the Estimate Fees page.

For additional information, please see eBay's Help Page: International Site Visibility.

5.15. Why am I receiving a token error when trying to revise or relist?

There are three reasons why you may be receiving this error.

1. You have inadvertently entered the eBay Item ID of a listing that doesn't belong to you and you have attempted to revise or relist it. Please double-check the number.

2. You have entered the eBay Item ID of a listing that does belong to you, but you don't have a token from eBay yet, or it is no longer valid. Be sure you have a seller profile set up for that eBay ID and that you have a valid token.

3. You are trying to revise or relist one of your own listings either via the eBay Item ID field, or the Actions menu, but there is a mismatch between your eBay ID at eBay and your eBay ID as entered in the Seller Name field of your Listing Profile.

If you are seeing this error message, and you already have a token from eBay, please navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. Double-check the eBay ID as you've entered it in the Seller Name field of your Listing Profile. Our system is case-sensitive. If your eBay ID is all lower-case letters at eBay, then it should be entered as all lower-case letters within your Listing Profile. A common error is capitalizing the eBay ID.

Make any needed corrections and then refresh your token. Then try to revise or relist again.

5.16. Why can't I add a return policy?

Not all of eBay's categories support returns per eBay Policy.

If you list in a category that doesn't support returns, our launcher form automatically disables any fields that pertain to return policy.

5.17. What is Condition Description?

The Condition Description field is used to describe an item that is not new. It is available for all eBay sites and all item categories (even categories that don't usually request an Item Condition, such as "Antiques"). You may enter up to 1,000 characters.
According to eBay, this field should be used to "provide additional details about the item's condition, such as whether it has defects, missing parts, scratches, or other wear and tear."1 eBay recommends describing your item as accurately as possible, to avoid buyer disappointment and possible disputes. For example, a used dress could have the following Condition Description: "The dress has a stain about the size of a quarter at the bottom back hem."
The information in your Condition Description will be ignored by eBay if you have selected any of the following item conditions: new, brand new, new with tags, new in box. If you feel you need to describe the condition of a new item, do this in your Item Description instead. (For information about Item Conditions in general, please see eBay's current Help articles on Creating a listing (especially the Item condition section), and Item condition by category.)
Condition Description is NOT indexed by eBay (i.e. made available in search), and you may not use the Condition Description to enter brands, promotions, payment, shipping or returns information. This field is for ONLY describing the item's condition. If you fail to comply with eBay's policy, eBay may return an error, and your listing may fail to launch. If your listing does launch, it may be removed by eBay later.
For used items, eBay asks that sellers only put Item Condition information into the Condition Description field, as this field appears at the very top of the listing and is better visible to your buyer. eBay does not want Item Condition information in the Item Description, and asks that you not duplicate your content or provide conflicting information (i.e., do not say one thing in the Condition Description and then contradict it in your Item Description). Please do not use the Condition Description field to say, "See item description."
On a Revise, you may not change the Condition Description if your item has bids or ends within 12 hours, or when a fixed-price listing has outstanding best offers.
The Condition Description field is sticky in the case of Sell Similar. Please be sure to edit it to reflect the condition of the item you're selling.
1(Source [archived]: eBay Help article for Providing Item Condition)

5.18. Why is the currency not changing when I change my seller profile from eBay US to eBay UK?

Unfortunately, our software never officially supported switching from one eBay Site to another. When performing a "Sell Similar" eBay returns "US-centric" information and this information is not entirely compatible with eBay UK and vice versa. The same happens the other way around. One cannot list to eBay UK, switch to eBay US and expect the information to transfer correctly.

While it's possible to change profiles within the Listing Generator, profile changes were intended to happen for profiles belonging to the same site.

5.19. Why is eBay's stock photo being added to my listing on a Sell Similar?

While we can send the listing to eBay without their catalog image, they return it anyway and we cannot block it and during a Sell Similar.

Please manually remove it if it is unwanted.

5.20. Will my listing fees be credited?

Our Relist function supports eBay's insertion fees credit system, meaning that eBay will credit your listing fee upon successful sale of your item, provided your listing met eBay's criteria. When you relist your item to eBay, we cannot predict whether or not your listing qualifies.

For a full explanation of eBay's policies, please view the following links for additional information:

US eBay Site: click here

AU eBay Site: click here

CA eBay Site: click here

UK eBay Site: click here

5.21. How do I list my item in Collectibles & Art?

How do I list my item in the Collectibles & Art category? I don't see it in the list of categories.

Collectibles & Art is a category group meant to help potential buyers more easily find items. It is not available to sellers as a selectable category*, and it has no category number.

*(On eBay's own listing form, you can see under 'All categories' that eBay offers "Art" and "Collectibles", but not "Collectibles & Art". Since we receive category data from eBay's API, our eBay listers show the same categories as eBay's form.)

Instead, you should list your item in a category that eBay considers part of the Collectibles & Art group. If you're not sure which category to use, please use the "Search the categories" button at SSB and enter some keywords to receive category suggestions from eBay.


Which parent categories are part of Collectibles & Art?

"Art" and "Collectibles" are not the only parent categories grouped under Collectibles & Art. As of February 2023, the following categories are listed under the "Shop by Category" heading on the eBay US Collectibles & Art page:

  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Coins & Paper Money
  • Collectibles
  • Crafts
  • Dolls & Bears
  • Entertainment Memorabilia
  • Pottery & Glass
  • Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop*
  • Stamps
  • Vintage & Antique Jewelry*

Although most of the categories in this list are considered part of Collectibles & Art group, two are not. *("Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop" is placed under "Sporting Goods". "Vintage & Antique Jewelry", which belongs to "Jewelry & Watches", is placed under "Clothing, Shoes & Accessories".)


How can I tell if an item category is part of Collectibles & Art?

To check whether or not a category is part of Collectibles & Art, go to eBay and find the page for that category (or an item listed to that category), then look at the category path shown near the top of the page.

Look for the first step in the path (excluding "eBay"). (Note: Each step in the category path is separated by a ">" symbol. If the path is long, you may see three dots (⋯) in a circle. Click on the circle to check its contents.) If "Collectibles & Art" is there, then the category you're checking is part of Collectibles & Art. For example:

"Cufflink Bases" (which belongs to "Crafts") is part of Collectibles & Art:

eBay > Collectibles & Art > Crafts > Beads & Jewelry Making > Jewelry Findings > Cufflink Blanks

"Vintage & Antique Cufflinks" (which belongs to "Jewelry & Watches) is NOT part of Collectibles & Art:

eBay > Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Jewelry & Watches > Vintage & Antique Jewelry > Cufflinks

6. eBay Update

6.1. Will eBay Profile Update remove active content?

Yes, the eBay Profile Update utility will remove active content.

When used, the utility will automatically remove Javascript from your listings and replace any old "Click to Enlarge" code (which used Javascript) with a newer version (that doesn't use it). The utility will also convert any image URL formats that have been discontinued (e.g. URLs preceded by "img4" or "app") to our new format (e.g. URLs preceded by "imgsrv" or "images"), and change URLs using HTTP to use HTTPS (to make them secure).

To reach the utility, navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. Then, next to a profile, go to its "Actions" option list and choose "eBay Update".

For information on how to use the eBay Update Utility, please see our eBay Update article.

( i ) Old SSB Showcase: In fall 2016, eBay announced that active content would no longer be allowed on eBay, and set a deadline of June 2017. The original SSB Showcase contained active content, so we advised subscribers to use the utility to remove it from their listings while we worked on a new version. The current version of our showcase does not contain any active content whatsoever, so it complies with eBay's active content mandate.

6.2. Why is the eBay Update action missing?

If the eBay Update action is missing from the option menu, it's usually because the token is missing.

Navigate to the bottom of the Seller Profiles page under the heading Launcher Token Management and select "Get a Token" from the actions.

You'll be sent to eBay to login with your credentials and provide permission for SSB to launch or revise your listings. You will be returned to the profiles page when finished.

You should then see the "eBay Update" action offered to you.

6.3. Why did I get the error Unable to parse xml_request field for ReviseItem?

If you receive this error then there is Javascript code embedded in one of the profile fields.

Please edit your listing profile and click on the Switch to HTML button under each profile field and remove any javascript code that you find.

Click on Update to save your listing profile and then run eBay Profile Update again.

7. Etsy

7.1. How can I remove a listing from my Etsy Ads campaign?

For both drafts and active listings:

If you're on SSB, navigate to your Etsy Items view. (In the Listings tab of our menu, look under the Etsy heading for Draft & Active. Click on it.) Then, select the "Revise on Etsy" action for that listing to open the listing for revision directly at Etsy.

(If you're on Etsy, instead navigate to the Listings section of your Shop Manager. Locate the listing and select the "Edit" option.)

In Etsy's listing form, scroll down to the Marketing section and look for a question asking if you wish to promote your listing by adding it to your campaign. Switch "Yes, promote my listing" to "Maybe later", then click the "Publish" button (or "Save as Draft", if it's a draft you're not ready to publish yet).

For active listings only:

On Etsy, navigate to the Etsy Ads page in the Marketing section of your Shop Manager. Click on "Manage advertised listings", UNcheck the listing, then click Update.

8. Images

8.1. Are categories necessary for uploading my images?

Categories are almost entirely optional*. At the top of the image upload screen, you may select an Upload Category using a dropdown list. This is the master category you'd like your images to be assigned to. If the category you wish to use does not appear in the list, you may create one by entering its name in the New Category field.

The ability to assign categories is for your convenience in organizing your images. If you don't have categories established, or don't want to bother assigning a category during your upload, don't worry about it for now. If you do not choose a category, images will upload to Uncategorized.


In the Classic Uploader, whether or not you have selected a category at the top of the Image Upload screen, you also have the option of selecting a category for each individual image. The default is Uncategorized, but the category name you select next to the individual photo name will override the category selected at the top (no matter what it was) for that image.

In the Drag & Drop Uploaders (Bulk HTML5, RealUploader, etc.), categories may not be selected for individual images.


*(Some premade categories, usually prefixed with "My", do have a functional difference. For example, when selecting a logo in the Listing Generator, only images that have been uploaded or moved to the My Logos category will be shown as options. For more information on how to change the category of an image after uploading, please see the Related Pages section.)



8.2. How do I adjust my camera settings so I don't have to resize my images?

Today's newer digital cameras produce files that are wonderful for producing excellent prints, but create image file sizes too large for internet use. If your camera produces images that are over 1600 pixels wide and take up 2 or more MB (megabytes) of space, they are much too big for uploading.

Your camera's manual should explain the various camera settings available. To be able to use your images as produced out of your camera, please adjust your camera settings.

The widest image our server will accept is 1600 pixels, so if you currently have images that won't upload (or are uploading much too slowly), you will need to use an image editing program to resize them.

There are image resizing programs an image compression tools available for free online.

8.3. How do I protect my images from being copied?

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to stop images from being stolen by someone, especially since eBay doesn't allow us to use our previous utility that utilized javascript. There is no 100% effective way to prevent image theft on the web. A determined and computer-savvy image thief can either view your source code to grab the image from the URL, or just do a screen shot!

If someone is directly hot-linking to one of your images hosted at SSB, you may use the "Image Block" utility that we offer here:

Navigate to Images > Utilities > Image Block.

Enter the offending listing number from eBay. Select whether you want to replace the image with "STOLEN IMAGE" or simply a broken image link. Then click on the Update Block button.



8.4. How do I replace images in an active listing?

If you launched a listing and now want to replace one or more pictures, there are a few different ways to do this.


If your listing was launched to a listing site supported by our Listing Launcher, such as eBay (US, CA, AU, UK, or Motors US) or Bonanza, you may Revise your listing to change the selected images. Updating your images this way should also update the gallery and preview images on eBay (images that were sent to the eBay Picture Service). Revisions may only be submitted to eBay while there are not bids or pending offers on your item, and the listing doesn't end within 12 hours.

To revise your listing to change its images: Locate the listing in the relevant Launched page and select the Revise action. Click "Edit Description", then change the images as needed. Click "Save Changes" and then "Revise Now" to submit your revision.


If your listing was launched to another listing site, or you wish to replace an image in every listing you've used it in (for example, maybe you use the same size chart image in multiple listings, and you've just noticed a mistake in the chart), you can reupload the image or otherwise replace it with another image by the same name.

The new image MUST have the same name as the original in order to appear in your listing. It will replace the original in ALL places where it is used -- in your Image Manager, in any auctions that were using it, and in any saved listings at SSB. Please note that eBay hosts both the gallery and preview pictures on their server, so replacing pictures using this method will not automatically change those eBay-hosted images. Additionally, to avoid potential problems with buyers, please avoid replacing photos on auctions that already have bids on them!

To replace an image via reupload: Locate the original image in your Image Manager, then click on the "Upload Date" link in its image info. The Re-upload Image window will open, containing a browse button. Find the new image you want to upload in place of the original, then click on the "ReUpload" button. With reupload, you don't need to worry about the name of the image you're uploading, because it will be changed to match the name of the original image.

To replace an image by uploading a new image with the same name: Locate the original image in your Image Manager, and copy or make note of the original image's name. From here, you have two options for the original image. If you have no intention of using the original image again, you can delete it. Otherwise, you can rename the original image to something else.

To rename an image on SSB: Locate the image in your Image Manager, then click on the "Name" link in its image info. The Rename Image window will open, containing a text entry field. Change the name of your image, then click on the "Rename" button.

Once the original image has been deleted or renamed, it can be replaced. Upload the new image you wish to replace it with. Then, locate the new image in your Image Manager and check its name. It needs to have the original image's original name. If the name needs to be changed, rename it using the steps above.

8.5. How do I transition to SSB image hosting from another image host?

If you're new to SSB and your images are hosted on another site, you can import your images to your SSB Image Manager. This is easy to do!
When creating your listing in the Listing Generator, you have the option of using URLs. Just mouseover the Add Images button and select the Add URLs option. A window will open with a space for entering URLs. Enter URLs one on each line. When finished, you have two options:
You may simply "Link to URL" in which case we add the image(s) to your listing but we are actually linking to the third-party server. This is not a good idea if you're planning to leave that service!
Or, you may "Import to SSB" in which case, we bring over the image to your SSB Image Manager (so that it's now hosted by SSB) and also add it to your listing.
Select the option you want and click the Add URLs to listing button.

8.6. How do I import my images from eBay? Bulk Importer

You may import only your images hosted by EPS (eBay Picture Services), or import the images along with their listings. Your items must be ACTIVE at eBay. We cannot import images or listings for ended items.

Important: If your SSB account has profiles set up for more than one eBay Seller ID,  navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles.  Set the profile you'll be working with as "default."

Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import. 

Choose your Seller ID. You will be shown a list of active items. You may uncheck any items you do not wish to import at this time.

To import ONLY the EPS images, within the Import dropdown list, select the option "eps Images only." To import both the listings and your images from eBay, select the default "Listing & Image"  option (recommended).

An indicator shows whether items were generated by SSB or not (Yes or No). As a new subscriber, you would see "No" in the SSB column. By default, all items are selected in this workspace, but you may uncheck any items you do not wish to import.

When ready, click on the action bar's "Import Checked Items" button.

By default, we bring you to the eBay Items Imported view. You'll see a message that your images were imported. To view your imported images, navigate to Images > View Images. When we import images from eBay, we prefix them with "eps" and include the listing item number as part of the image name so that you may easily search for images based on the eBay Item. 


8.7. How do I view all the images in a category?

If you are in the Image Category Manager:

Click on the icon and the Image Manager screen will open and display the images in that category.

If you are in the Image Manager:

In the "Action bar" select the category you wish to view via the drop down list. The Image Manager will be refreshed to show you the images belonging to that category.



8.8. Images appear in wrong orientation in Image Chooser

If you have rotated your images in the Image Manager, then they are also rotated in the Listing Generator's Image Chooser.

Should the orientation be unexpected try refreshing your browser page. What's most likely happening is that your browser is caching the previous image before it was rotated.

You can easily check if an image is going to be in the correct orientation by copying the entire URL as shown below the image thumbnail in your Image Manager, and pasting it in the address bar of your Internet browser. The image should appear in its correct orientation.

8.9. I undeleted my images. Why don't they show in my listing?

When unDeleting images within your SSB Recycle Bin, the images are immediately restored to your Image Manager, Saved Listings and any listings that are active at eBay or another auction site.

If you are not seeing the images when viewing your listings, try refreshing the screen by pressing CTRL and F5 keys at the same time on your keyboard. This action will force your Internet browser to load a fresh page, instead of going to the cache on your computer.

If you have numerous listings where images were restored, we recommend that you simply clear your browser's cache.



8.10. Why do my images say Sellers Image No Longer Online?

"Seller's Image No Longer Online" is a placeholder graphic used to replace missing images. It may be used in a few different situations.

If any embedded images are missing from your listing description, you may have deleted or renamed those images on SSB. (This is the most common reason for missing images.)

If all embedded images are missing from your listing description, including template graphics, there may be a problem with either our image server or your SSB account.

If some of the embedded images in your listing(s) are affected:

You may have deleted those images from your Image Manager. It's also possible that you renamed those images in your Image Manager.

The HTML in your listing description at eBay links directly to the images in your Image Manager, using the filenames they had when you created the listing. If images by those names cannot be found in Image Manager, eBay will have nothing to display.

We recommend checking your SSB Image Recycle Bin, to see if your missing images were deleted. If you cannot find the missing images there, you will need to reupload your images to the Image Manager. They must have the same filenames as before. If your missing images are already in the Image Manager, but have the wrong filenames, you will need to rename them.

How to UnDelete Images:

Go to Images > Utilities > Restore Images to reach Image UnDelete Manager, which contains your SSB Image Recycle Bin. Here, you can find images that have been deleted within the past 30 days.

Find and select the images you want to restore, then click on the UnDelete checked images button.

How to Rename Images:

Go to Images > Manager > View Images to reach the Image Manager. Locate the image that needs to be renamed. Click on the "Name" link in its image info. Type a new name, then click the Rename button.

As soon as your images are back in place and have the correct names, they will immediately begin showing in your listings again. If you do not see the images in your listings, try pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time while viewing your listing, to reload the page without using cached information. If the restored images are in multiple listings, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

If ALL of the embedded images in your listings are affected -- including template graphics:

(--And, particularly, if ALL of your listings are affected:) Our image servers may be down, or there may be a problem with your SSB account.

Try to log in to your SSB account. Are you able to log in?

If you are completely unable to access our website, multiple servers may be down. Please contact our Help Desk to report the problem. We work to resolve server problems as quickly as possible, and the sooner a problem is reported, the sooner it may be fixed!

If you receive a message saying that your subscription has been canceled, or your account has been suspended, and are prevented from logging in, your account may have been closed. When an SSB account is closed all of its SSB-hosted images (including template graphics) are taken offline. Please renew your subscription or contact our Help Desk to inquire about the state of your account.

If you are able to successfully log in, check the News on the main page, then navigate to another page (any should do). When a server is scheduled for maintenance, a warning is usually posted beforehand, either on the News page or at the top of every page. If you see a notice indicating that the image server is down for scheduled maintenance, please wait until the end of the maintenance period. Your images will return to your listings when the maintenance period ends. If you do not see a notice, please contact our Help Desk to report that your images are missing from your listings.

8.11. What does "unused image" mean?

An unused image simply means it hasn't been viewed publicly in 4 months or more. The image is still perfectly good to use and once it receives some public views won't show as unused anymore.

The "unused image" category is just a way to let our subscribers know if images might be good candidates for deletion to free up space in your account.



8.12. Why don't my Images placed via HTML appear?

You may choose to place images manually via HTML, instead of using our Image Chooser.

The correct HTML syntax for placing photos this way is:  <img src = "YOUR IMAGE URL">

If, instead of your photos, you're seeing red x's, this could be one of three common mistakes:

1) Be sure the image file name you're referencing actually exists in your Image Manager. You must use the exact file name, and not a variation of it.

2) You must enter a complete URL, not just the file name. To obtain the complete URL, look just below the image thumbnail in your Image Manager. An image URL begins with http:// and ends with the file name.

3) Be sure you've entered the correct punctuation. The quotation marks are part of the syntax. Also, be sure to include the img src part, as well as the less than (<) and greater than (>) signs that are part of the syntax.


8.13. What image size and quality should I select for uploading?

You will want to upload your images in the size you'd like to be viewed by your buyer.

When using the click to enlarge image layout the image in the listing shows at 300 pixels wide.  When "click to enlarge" link is clicked, the image will show at uploaded size. When using the full layout the image in the original size uploaded is displayed with no need to click to enlarge the image.

The widest image width you can upload to SSB is 1600 pixels. Note:
Our uploader scales images down.  Small images can not be scaled up to a larger size as they will become blurry and distored.

There are four quality options: Good, Very Good, High and Maximum. Your selection affects the resolution of your image. High-resolution images need more storage space, and will take longer to download when someone views your auction listing.


8.14. Why are my images small when I "click-to-enlarge?"

Our enlarge image layout, displays your image in a scaled-down version that is 300 pixels wide. When you or a potential buyer clicks on the image to enlarge it, the full-sized image that had been uploaded to SSB is displayed. If the image you had uploaded to our server is the same size (or smaller) than 300 pixels wide, it will not appear enlarged.

8.15. Why is the option to watermark missing when I upload?

You must have used Image Edit to watermark at least one image that you have already uploaded to the Image Manager. Once you have established a watermark, when you next upload images you will see a Watermark All Images checkbox.

Note: The latest eBay Picture Policy prohibits watermarks, therefore, we do not offer the watermarking option within the Listing Generator for any eBay profiles. 




8.16. How can I remove or change watermarks in my images?

Once a watermark has been applied to an image via SSB, and 48 hours have passed, it cannot be removed; it's now part of the image. If the watermark was placed toward the bottom, top, or side of the image, you may be able to crop it out using the Image Editor in the Image Manager. Otherwise, you may need to upload a replacement image.

With either method, the image will be replaced in both the Image Manager AND in any saved listings or active listings at eBay. You will not need to end or revise the listing. Please note that it is not possible to remove watermarks in bulk.

To crop out a watermark:

Navigate to Images > Manager > View Images.

To the right of the image thumbnail, you'll see some icons. Click the "Edit Image" button.

Another window will open to the Image Editor. Click "Crop."

Crop your image in such a way that the watermark is cut out of the picture. Click Apply, then click "Save and Exit."

To reupload the image:

Navigate to Images > Manager > View Images.

To the right of the image thumbnail, you'll see information about the image. Click "Upload Date."

Another window will open, displaying a thumbnail of your image. Click the Browse button. Browse the images on your computer and select a replacement. Click Open.

Then click "ReUpload."

8.17. My hard drive crashed. Can I download my images in bulk?

We're sorry your hard drive crashed! 

If you encounter this problem and don't have a backup, please email our support desk for a quote for our site technician to zip up your images (whether there are hundreds or thousands) and send you a link to download them to your new hard drive.

9. Image Uploader App - Android

9.1. APK File Installation FAQ

APK File Installation FAQ:

An APK file is an Android application file. (APK stands for "Android Package Kit".) If you download an APK file to your phone, you can install the application it contains.

If you're having trouble downloading and installing an APK file, please read the following:

Why won't my phone let me download/install the APK file?

For user safety, many phones discourage downloading or installing apps found outside of an app store. To download and install APK files, your internet browser and file explorer must first be allowed to do so.

Go to your phone settings and look for "Apps" or "Apps & Notifications". In the top-right corner, tap on the 3-dot menu icon. Then, tap "Special access". Scroll down to the bottom of the list (swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen toward the top) and tap on "Install unknown apps".

There are two apps you should look for, here: the internet browser you want to download the file with (e.g. "Samsung Internet", "Chrome", "Firefox", etc.), and the file explorer you want to open the file with (e.g. "My Files"). If either of these apps say "Not allowed", tap on the app, then tap on the toggle next to "Allow from this source".

Where did my phone save the APK file?

By default, downloads are usually saved in a Downloads folder on your phone. If you haven't changed where your phone saves downloaded files, the APK file should be in Downloads. Open your phone's file explorer app (e.g. "My Files") and look for your Downloads folder.

If your file explorer app has a search bar, you could also try searching for ".apk" (without the quotes). For example, if you've download the old version of our SSB Uploader (Version 1.0.5), the file you're looking for is "SSB_Uploader_1-0-5.apk".

How do I use the APK file to install the app?

Once the file is on your phone, and you've located it using your phone's file explorer app (e.g. My Files), simply tap on the file to "open" it. (Note: If you have more than one app on your phone that could open it, you will be prompted to select which app to open it with. Select the "Package Installer" app or its equivalent.)

You'll then be asked if you want to install the application. If the app requires any additional special access, you may also be asked if you wish to allow access. To install the app, click "Install".


10. Image Uploader App - iPhone

10.1. How to enable upload from library

If you have upgraded to iOS version 6.0+ and photos no longer upload from the library, please check your privacy settings.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Privacy > Photos.

Look through the list of applications and find the SSB Uploader. Tap the slider so that it displays ON.

Be sure you have already allowed the app access to location services. While we don't track your location, Apple requires location services enabled for the app to function.

11. Image Uploader - Bulk Active X/Java

11.1. Safari browser shows spinning circle on the uploader page?

With the Safari browser, once the security certificate is presented you have just under 40 seconds to respond. If you wait longer than that, the certificate will disappear and a loading circle will continue to spin, and the uploader will fail to initialize. Eventually, the message, Plug-in Failure will appear.
If this happens, please reload the page by going to Images > Manager > Bulk Uploader.  When the security certificate shows, click allow within 40 seconds.

11.2. Why can't I see all of my files and folders?

If you have your files hidden, they will not show within the bulk image uploader.

To fix this:

1. Go to your image directory.

2. Click into the window within the whitespace. At the same time, press the Ctrl and A keys of your keyboard.

3. Move your mouse over one of the folders.

4. Right-click and select Properties.

5. At the bottom of the dialog box, uncheck the attribute, "Hidden" and click OK.

6. At the "Confirm Attribute Changes" dialog box, click the radio button that reads, "Apply changes to this folder only" and click OK.

The files in this folder will now all be visible.


11.3. Why do only some of the images I am selecting have thumbnails?

For the Aurigma Bulk-Flash uploader, if the images selected are very large in size, Adobe Flash Player has a mechanism in place to prevent an "out of memory" condition, so some thumbnails may not be rendered among the selected files to be uploaded. Instead, a generic icon will display. This is normal and expected and most likely to be seen when PNG or BMP files have been selected (due to their large sizes).

12. Image Uploader - Bulk Flash

13. Inventory

13.1. How do I list in variations using the Inventory feature?

Listings with multi-variations do not occur in the inventory program. Inventory supports multi-quanity, fixed price and auction-style listings. 

Listings with multi-variations are however supported in the standard launcher form. 

13.2. How is inventory handled when I end my item at eBay?

When you end your item at eBay, any unsold quantities are added back to the Quantity Available to List. This also happens if the item has completed its duration without any buyers. In the case of listings posted to other marketplaces, where you had copied and pasted code, or to an eBay site that is not launcher-supported, you MUST tell us that the item has ended. To do this, view the inventory history and under the "Listed" tab, click the "Ended" button. This tells us that the listing is no longer active and that we may make the inventory available again.

13.3. May I "Sell Similar" an inventory listing?

Yes, you may, but please consider eBay's rules about duplicate listings. If you sell similar an item using auction-style, eBay will not index (make your listing searchable) until the first listing has a bid, and eBay won't even accept a similar listing if it's Fixed Price format.

To "Sell Similar" an inventory item, navigate to eBay Items Launched. Locate your listing and choose "Sell Similar." After landing in the Listing Generator, make any needed changes and click "Prepare to Launch." You may change the quantity if applicable (we indicate how many items you have available to list).

13.4. Is inventory supported for the Bonanza Listing Launcher?

Inventory will be allocated when launching a new listing and will be de-allocated should you use the "End Item" action in Bonanza Items Launched.

Sell similar and Revise are not supported at this time for allocating inventory, although will be supported in a future version. Sales must be recorded manually via the "Update Qty" action.

We are also working on automating the recording of sales for a future version of the program.

13.5. I usually copy my code when listing. How do I track my inventory?

If using a profile that is not launcher-enabled, you would use "Get Code" to get your code. Copy your code as usual, but stay on that page. Open a new tab in your browser and list your item. When you receive confirmation from the listing site, input the price and the listing number and then click "Allocate from Inventory." For such listings, when a sale is received, you must then select the "Update Qty" action in the Main Inventory List view for that SKU and record a sale.

13.6. May I change the SKU when revising or relisting an item?

Changing the SKU when using inventory and revising or relisting is not permitted. The listing is "locked" to the inventory item you had listed before.

You may change the SKU only when listing a new item or when selling similar. Our system will search for the SKU and if we find a match in our database, we will deduct that quantity from your inventory accordingly. If we don't find a match, we will give you the opportunity after estimating fees to add an inventory record for that item.

13.7. May I change the SKU when editing a scheduled listing?

It is not permitted to edit the SKU of a scheduled inventory listing. The SKU field will be locked.

If you do not wish to list against the SKU, or wish to use a different SKU, please use the "Delete" action to delete the job.  This will return the allocated inventory to the SKU, increasing the Quantity Available to List by the quantity that had been specified in your deleted job.

Then, choose the correct SKU from your inventory work space and choose the "List Item" action to list and reschedule your item.

In the case of non-inventory listings where a SKU had been entered, you may edit them to change to a different SKU, but you may not allocate from inventory. If you have scheduled a non-inventory listing, but then change your mind and want to convert it to an inventory-based listing, please delete the job and then list from the inventory work space.


13.8. What happens if my buyer returns my item?

You must manually make an inventory adjustment. Please go to the main inventory view and choose the action "Update Qty." Select "Increase by" and enter the quantity returned. Choose the reason, "Return" and then click "Update Quantity."

13.9. Why is my Quantity Available to List showing a negative number?

When listing using SSB's launcher, we usually warn you or even prevent you from listing items if you don't have the inventory available to prevent an out-of-stock situation.

However, it is possible to get into a negative inventory situation if you sell similar or relist and ignore our warnings that inventory is insufficient. This can happen if you create a new inventory item "on the fly" in the Listing Launcher and ask us to add it to your inventory, but then "Launch Similar" or "Sell Similar" without first adding more stock to your inventory (this is done via the "Update Qty" action in Main Inventory List view.

If you're in Main Inventory List View and you notice a negative number for Quantity Available to List, please view the Inventory History to see where the inventory was used. Then, either end a listing if necessary or replenish your inventory!

14. Listing Generator

14.1. Can I enter my own HTML into the WYSIWYG editor?

Our program has a WYSIWYG editor that can be enabled by going to System Preferences and checkmarking "Use WYSIWYG tools" under the General heading. You can also click on the HTML tab of the WYSIWYG editor and enter your own HTML.

Font Size
<font size=4>  your text here </font>

The templates are coded so the font size is a 3, the larger the number the bigger the font.

Font Color
<font color=red>  your text here </font>

Acceptable font colors are:  black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, purple, pink, gray, silver, teal, chartreuse, fuchsia, brown, aqua

Font Face
<FONT FACE="Font Name">Enter some text here</FONT>

Replace "Font Name" with the name of the font (leave in the quotes) and then enter your own text in the place where I typed Enter some text here.
Please be careful not to use really unusual fonts. When your buyer views your auction they will see the font only if it is installed on their computer. If not, their browser will substitute one.

<b> your text here </b>

<i> your text here</i>

<center> your text here </center>

All of these tags can be combined. Here is an example:
<center><b><i><font size=4 color=red> This sentence would appear in the listing center, bolded, in italics, red font color and a size of 4.</font></i></b></center>

These tags do not need to be done on each sentence; you can do these for a full section of text - multiple paragraphs - etc.


14.2. How do I add a You Tube video to my listing?

You tube's embed code inserts the video into an iframe which eBay does not allow.

You can still embed You Tube videos into your listing but you will need to remove the iframe.

On You Tube:
1. Click on the Share button under the video
2. Copy the 11 digit code for the video, it will be the last 11 characters of the url shown
3. Replace XXXXXXXXXXX in the code below with the 11 character code of your Youtube Video. Note there are two places you have to do this.

<p align="center"> <object height="385" width="640"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/XXXXXXXXXXX?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/XXXXXXXXXXX?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="385" width="640"></object></span></strong></p>

4. Copy the code above with your you tube video number in it and use this code to add the video to your listing.

On the Listing Generator page in SSB:

Save your listing and then go to the Saved Listing page and preview your listing from the Saved Listing page and you will see the video.


14.3. How do I change my image layout?

On the Listing Generator page in the Listing Images section, hover your mouse over the Image Layout button. The options for the different image layouts will appear and you can click on the one you would like to use.


14.4. What is the difference between Save and Save as New?

Save will save the changes to the existing listing.

Save as New will save a copy of your listing with a new name and keep the original listing unchanged.

15. Listings: Saved Listing Drafts

15.1. How do I create similar listings?

If you're selling similar products, there is an easy way to create similar listings. How you do it depends on whether or not you're using our Listing Launcher.

If you use the "copy code method" navigate to Listings > Prepare > Use a Saved Listing.  Click on the tools icon to open the listing to the Listing Generator.

Make your changes. You may change any part of your listing, including the template. Preview your listing and then save it by clicking on the Save button and then using the Save As New button to create a new listing. Your original listing will remain intact. You are then free to copy code or use our Listing Launcher to launch this listing.

If you use our Listing Launcher, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched. Locate your item. Under the Actions menu, choose Sell Similar. You will land in the Listing Generator. Make any changes needed. Then click on the Prepare to Launch button. Proceed through the Listing Launcher form, Calculate Fees and then Launch your item. On the confirmation page (where we show you the eBay Item number) you will see a link that gives you the opportunity to return to the Listing Generator to save the listing.

15.2. How do I save a listing that was already launched?

To save a listing from your eBay Items Launched page to your SSB Saved Listings please navigate to Listings > eBay Items Launched and then to the listing you want to save.

Select Sell Similar from the action menu for the listing you want to save.  This will take you to the Listing Generator.  Select Save, give it a name and click on Save.

15.3. If I delete my saved listings, will they be removed from eBay?

You may delete your saved listings if you wish, but you do not want to delete the images that are being used in any live listing.  When you delete a saved listing, a dialog box will open and ask you if you want to delete the images too.  If the images are in use in a live listing, answer No.

Saved Listings are useful to have on file for any store inventory, or items you sell seasonally. Also, should you need to make changes to listings at eBay, or another auction site where we don't have launcher support, you can use the Saved Listing to make changes and generate new HTML code to take to that site.



15.4. What is an Unfinished Draft?

Your listing changes are saved to the Draft Listing whenever you go to a different area of SSB.  If you go to a different website or close the browser the Draft Listing will show information up to the last time the system auto saved which is every 5 minutes by default.

If you have a draft listing and try to create a new listing, at the top of the Listing Generator page you will see a notice, "Please note: A Draft Listing Exists and will be replaced by a new listing if you proceed. If you need to finish the last listing you had started you can SWITCH TO THE DRAFT" (this is a button that would take you to the last draft).

To access the Draft Listing via the SSB menu, please navigate to Listings > Prepare > Use Unfinished Draft.

The draft listing is overwritten by the next one you start working on. There is only one unfinished draft.

To change the auto save settings please navigate to Account > Your Seller Sourcebook Account > Site Preferences and use the drop down menu next to the "Autosave Minutes" option.


15.5. What is the listing clipboard?

SSB Listings are automatically saved in the listing clipboard when launch button is clicked.

Each time you launch the clipboard will be updated with the last launched listing.

There isn't a way to remove the listing clipboard.

15.6. Why do some of my saved listings show "Mod Profile?"

When you start a listing, the default Profile you have set up in your Preferences/Listings Profiles is always used. You may switch to a different profile within the Listing Generator. Sometimes, however, you may need to modify that profile information to customize it even more for that listing only.

You can do this by clicking on the Other Information Payment, Shipping or Listing Terms links and then clicking inside the field to change your text.  When you do this and save your listing, the "mod" notation will be indicated for that listing on your Saved Listing page. This means you have made a modification to your seller profile information for that listing only. The original profile information within the Seller Profile was not changed.

15.7. Why don't I see all of my saved listings?

Be sure when viewing your Saved Listings that you have set your View Category selector to All Listings. Otherwise, you will be shown the pages pertaining to the category you've selected.

SSB does not auto-delete saved listings. They are kept in your account until you delete them or your account is closed.

Listings you have launched can be viewed by navigating to Listings > eBay Items > Launched.

15.8. Why wasn't my listing saved?

We give our subscribers a choice whether or not to save their listings. If you wish to have a listing for archival purposes, we suggest that you save it via the Save menu on the Listing Generator.

If you do not save the listing before launching or scheduling it, it will not appear in Saved Listings.  The only one that will appear is the last one you had attempted to launch. This is our special Listing Clipboard. This gives you the chance to save your listing before this one is overwritten by the next listing you attempt to launch.

To see a log of all active listings and listings that have ended in the past 90 days, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched. Here, your launched listings are shown automatically by our system.  Information on listings that are no longer active is retained for a period of 90 days.  Since the listings are not held indefinitely, if you hold inventory for certain items or sell them seasonally, we suggest saving your listing via the Save menu in the Listing Generator. While we don't retain the eBay-specific (launch form) information in SSB Saved Listings, the rest of your listing is retained in our system indefinitely (until you delete the Saved Listing). Saved Listings, in effect, are more for archival reasons.

There is no need to save a listing this way unless you anticipate needing it in the future. Another reason to save would be if you are listing to sites that are not supported by our launcher, as code changes are more easily done if you have the original listing saved at SSB.


16. Listings: Scheduled Listing

16.1. Will eBay charge a Scheduling fee?

If you wish to avoid paying a scheduling fee to eBay, you must schedule the listing on our website. Since the scheduling is handled by our server and not eBay's, the scheduling fee doesn't apply.  You will pay the insertion fee for your listing (if applicable).

When selling similar or relisting items, we recommend that these actions be performed at SSB if you wish to schedule. If you "Sell Similar" or "Relist" an SSB listing on eBay's Sell Your Item form and choose their scheduling feature, eBay will charge their scheduling fee, even though the listing uses our template and image hosting.
Always schedule at SSB so that you may take advantage of our free scheduling!

16.2. Why don't my scheduled listings show in "My eBay?"

Since SSB is handling the scheduling on our servers, you will not see any references to your listings in your "My eBay" as eBay does not know about these listings yet. Once they are sent over to eBay by our system, they will appear within your active listings at eBay.

16.3. What do the abbreviations RL and BRL mean?

In eBay Items Scheduled view, the following indicators are used:

RL - Regular Relist

A regular relist allows the following actions:  Reschedule, View, Edit, Sell Similar and Delete.


BRL - Bulk Relist 

A bulk relisted item allows only the following actions: Reschedule and Delete

If you wish to make a change to an item that was scheduled via the bulk relister, you will need to delete the job and then go to eBay Items Unsold to perform the relist action again. The regular relist action allows just about all information to be edited, while the bulk relister is limited to a small set of fields.


17. Seller Profiles

17.1. I changed my eBay User ID. Do I have to update it here?

Yes, if you have changed your eBay ID, you must update it on SSB.

In the Listings tab, look under Utilities for Seller Profiles, and click on it.

Use the Edit action on your profile(s) and change the Seller ID to your new eBay ID. Click Update.

You will also need to get a token for your new eBay ID.



17.2. What is a token?

A token allows Seller Sourcebook to launch listing on your behalf without your having to reveal your eBay login information to us. Think of it as a special key that eBay returns to us.

Caution: If you change your password at eBay, your token will be immediately revoked by eBay. You will not be able to launch again from Seller Sourcebook until you have obtained a new token.


17.3. Why do I have multiple tokens for the same eBay ID?

In the Token Management table, only one token should be shown for each Seller ID, regardless of how many profiles are using it.

If you see two entries for the same Seller ID, check how the ID is spelled. There may be a typo, or it may be capitalized differently. Seller IDs are case sensitive, so if at least one profile uses different capitalization, our system will make an extra entry. Profiles like this can cause problems when listing, and especially when revising or relisting.

Example: If your eBay ID is "myebayid_01", that ID should only have one token, even if you used that same ID in multiple profiles for eBay US, UK, etc. However, if you spelled it as "MyEbayID_01" in one of your profiles, the token table will show a separate entry for that spelling.

To fix this issue, scroll up to the Profile List and locate the profile with the incorrect spelling or capitalization. Select the profile's "Edit" action and fix the case of the Seller ID, then click Update. If there's more than one profile with this issue, repeat for each one. Once done, the extra entry should disappear from the Token Management Table.

17.4. What is the Default Seller Profile for?

If you have more than one Seller Profile, you can select which one you would like to be used by default when you create a listing. The profile set as the Default Profile will be automatically selected when you start a new listing via Listings > Prepare > New Listing.
Additionally, if you will be using our Importer to import listings and apply SSB templates to them, we recommend setting the appropriate Seller Profile as your Default Profile before starting the process. When revising imported listings to edit their listing descriptions for the first time, your default profile is usually applied.
Note: This is due to how our program handles listings that don't have any profile information attached. When you click "Edit Description" in the Listing Launcher, our program checks the listing description's code for the SSB variables that tell it how to interpret the description. If it cannot determine which profile your listing belongs to (e.g. if the profile was deleted from SSB, or the profile ID is missing from the code, or no profile ID was ever placed in the listing), our program must decide which profile to select. It may load the most recently updated profile that matches the Seller ID, or it may simply load the Default Profile.

How to make a Seller Profile the Default Profile:
  1. Navigate to the Seller Profiles page (Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles).
  2. Look in your Profile List for the profile you wish to set as default.
  3. From the actions menu for that profile, select the action Make this Default.
Your current Default Profile is marked with a green checkmark on the Profile List.
You will still be given the option to use a different profile within the Listing Generator, when making a new listing or editing a draft.

17.5. Why doesn't the WYSIWYG editor work when editing my seller profile?

Make sure that "Use WYSIWYG controls" is checkmarked on the Site Preferences page.

If that option is already checkmarked, consider trying another browser. The WYSIWYG editor within the profile form does not work with Internet Explorer 8 or 10. It does work with Internet Explorer 9 and 11, and all current versions of Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. Please use a newer browser if you would like to use the WYSIWYG editor.

17.6. Why don't I have a Launch button?

At this time, the Listing Launcher can launch listings to eBay US, UK, AU, CA, eBay Motors US (parts only), and Bonanza, so launch buttons will not be offered for other listing sites. When preparing a listing for one of these sites, you should see a "Prepare to launch" button in the Listing Generator. You should also see launch icons next to your drafts on the Saved Listing Drafts page.

If you are trying to list to one of these sites, but do not see an option to launch your listing, either your Seller Profile was set up incorrectly or you don't have a token for your Seller ID.

In order to use SSB's Listing Launcher:

1. You must have at least one Seller Profile established. Navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. In the Profile List, find the Seller Profile you wish to edit and select Edit from its actions menu. If you do not have a Seller Profile, or wish to make a new one, click the Create New Profile button, instead.

2. You must have entered your eBay ID or Bonanza ID in the Seller ID field for that Seller Profile. Be sure to spell it correctly, exactly as it looks on your seller page on eBay or Bonanza.

3. You must have selected either eBay (US, UK, AU, CA, or Motors (US)) or Bonanza as the Listing Site for that Seller Profile.

4. If your profile is correct and saved/updated, you must have a valid token for your Seller ID. Get a token by selecting Get a Token from the actions menu in the Launcher Token & Store Management table. You will be redirected to eBay where you must sign in and give SSB permission to launch your listings.

Once you have done the above, you should see the "Prepare to launch" button when using that Seller Profile in the Listing Generator.

18. Showcase

18.1. How can I change my showcase color to coordinate with the template?

To change the color or 'skin' of your showcase, please navigate to Listings > Utilities > Showcases.

From there you can edit your showcase.

Currently the only way to change your showcase to match the template you are using is to edit the skin each time before you start or, if you use just a few different templates, you can save as many different showcases as you'd like and you would just select which showcase you would like to use via the Showcase selector in the Listing Generator.

We are hoping to add features to the showcase that offer more variety and coordination with our template library.

18.2. What is the SSB Showcase?

The SSB Showcase is a great way to cross promote your listings by displaying a scrolling showcase of your listings. When a buyer clicks on one of the listings in the scrolling showcase they will be taken to a page of all of your listings displayed in time ending order.
The showcase scrolls the 20 items ending soonest. At this time, it is not possible to choose which items appear within it.

18.3. Why does my showcase show purple giftboxes?

Did you recently launch your items to eBay? In order for us to display the items in your showcase, eBay must have indexed them first (i.e. made them available in search). As soon as this happens, you'll see the image thumbnails of your items scrolling within the showcase. eBay can take up to 30 minutes to index an item, but reserves the option of taking up to 24 hours for make a listing visible in search.

If, after 24 hours, your showcase is still showing purple giftboxes instead of your items, please contact our Help Desk.

Is your eBay ID entered correctly in your Seller Profiles? Currently, the items shown in your showcase should be your 20 items ending soonest at eBay. When we request this information from eBay, we use the eBay ID specified in your profile. Seller IDs are case sensitive, so if your eBay ID is "yourebayid_01" on eBay, but you typed it as "YourEbayID_01" in one of your profiles, you will encounter problems. When we request the items for "YourEbayID_01", eBay won't recognize it as the same ID, so they won't send us the items for "yourebayid_01". This results in a showcase only showing giftboxes.

Please check the Seller Profiles page to make sure your eBay ID is written correctly for all profiles.





19. Subscription

19.1. Do I need an account for each of my eBay IDs?

You may use as many eBay User IDs with one SSB account as you'd like, as long as they all belong to you.  You can manage multiple eBay ids by creating listing profiles for them.
**To create a listing profile:**
Click on Preferences >Listing Profiles
**Create New Profile**
Enter eBay User ID and complete information on form
Name and save the profile
**Edit existing profile**
Change eBay User Id
Give profile a new name and Save as New
**Get a Token**
If prompted, follow instructions and log into eBay to authorize and get a token.
If not prompted, scroll down to the Launcher Token table and select Get a token from the action menu.  Follow instructions and log into eBay to authorize and get a token.
**Default Profile (profile used when you create a new listing)**
On the Listing Profile screen, choose "Make this Default" from the Action menu.
To change your profile while on the Listing Generator page, click on the profile link in the "Listing Summary" section.  Go to the Profile Default section and select the desired Profile.
Should you need further help, please let us know.

If you have SSB Basic: Only one (1) eBay Seller ID may be linked to your SSB account at a time, and it must be for eBay US. If you wish to list to multiple eBay IDs, or to an eBay site other than eBay US, we recommend upgrading to an SSB Deluxe account.

If you have SSB Deluxe: You may link up to five (5) eBay Seller IDs with your SSB account, at no extra charge. Additional slots for eBay Seller IDs may be purchased in groups of five (5).

To purchase slots for additional eBay Seller IDs: Log in to your SSB account and navigate to the Account Records screen (Account > Your Seller Sourcebook Account > Account Management). You will be asked to log in again. After doing so, look for the heading "Upgrade or Renew a Subscription". From the Product dropdown, you may select the "eBay Seller IDs" option. Select your Payment Method, then click the Order button. For further assistance, or to inquire about alternative payment methods, please contact support.

To better manage your Seller IDs, you can create different seller profiles for them. SSB Basic is limited to four (4) seller profiles, but SSB Deluxe allows up to 100 seller profiles. Each Seller ID needs at least one profile. Note that if you wish to launch listings to eBay or Bonanza via SSB, you will need to get a token for each Seller ID, as well.

19.2. Does my Username need to match my eBay (Seller) ID?

No, your SSB username does not need to match your eBay Seller ID. Please note that SSB usernames may not be changed.

(With an SSB Deluxe account, you may use multiple Seller IDs, as long as they belong to you, and we allow multiple profiles for this purpose.)

However, if you have recently changed your eBay ID, please be sure to edit your SSB profile so that it contains your new eBay ID.

To edit a profile, navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. Choose the Edit action for the profile. Make the necessary change to your Seller ID field, then click Update.

19.3. What happens to my listings if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your SSB subscription, your SSB account will be closed when your paid time is up. When the account is closed, its images and templates will be taken offline. Any active listings will remain on the listing site(s) to which they were launched, but their descriptions may be visually impacted.

Any SSB-hosted images in your listings' descriptions (including template graphics) will be replaced with placeholder images that state "Seller's Image No Longer Online". This is because the embedded images link directly to our image servers. (While your account is open, we host your images for you. When your account is closed, we are no longer your image host, so your images are taken offline and their URLs now point to these placeholders.)

Should you decide to leave our service, please be sure that your SSB listings have ended or will end before your paid time is up, or else revise your active listings to remove or replace the SSB-hosted images.

If you're considering canceling, and if this is due to any issues with our program, we would welcome the opportunity to make things right. Please contact our help desk at support@sellersourcebook.com.

20. Templates

20.1. What if I don't want to use a template for my listings?

On SSB, a "template" is a framework that surrounds your listing description and contains variables to help our program interpret its contents. If our system doesn't detect an SSB template in your listing, you may not be able to edit your listing description via SSB.

Different templates have different appearances, and while the size, font, and color of description text can be changed when editing your listing, not everyone wants additional graphics.


If all you want is a template that functions, consider using one of the following templates, which can be found in our Template Gallery using the keyword "plain":

Blank - Only Text & Photos: No graphics. No section headings. Large text. (Template Options: Font, Text Color, Background Color.)

  • The simplest-looking template, true to its name. One of the only templates without any section headings whatsoever. Its default appearance is Arial font, in black, on a white background, but all of these can be changed.

Totally Plain: No graphics. Text-based section headings. 14px text. (No Template Options.)

  • The most basic template, often used by sellers just starting or ending their time with us. It uses Trebuchet or Trebuchet MS font, in black, on a white background. The text is more spaced out than in Blank.

Plain & Simple: No graphics. Text-based section headings. Medium text. (Template Options: Color Scheme.)

  • The most popular plain template among both subscribers and staff. The color scheme sets the color of both the section headings and the border of each section's box. The default color scheme is black, but every color scheme uses Trebuchet MS font, in black, on a white background.

Import Listing: Only graphics are section headings. 14px text. (Template Options: Description Graphic.)

  • The default template. The section heading graphics look like black text on a white background. The graphic for the Description heading is displayed by default, but may be hidden. This template uses Verdana or Geneva font, in black, on a white background.

If you're not satisfied with the template you've selected, you can always change the template while revising your listing via SSB.

Special Mention:

Make It Your Own (MIYO) Templates: Background graphics only if added. Text-based section headings. Medium text. (Template Options: MANY!)

  • Although these were designed with customization in mind, their default appearance is usually Arial font, in black, on a white background (with thick black borders that vary per template), and MIYOs don't have any colors or background graphics unless you select them yourself.

20.2. Can I use a template I purchased with SSB?

SSB supports the use of custom templates.  If you have purchased a custom template from a template designer please e-mail the code for the template in a .txt file to support@sellersourcebook.com.

Note: Please submit only 5 templates per e-mail.  You can send multiple e-mails if needed.

Due to the number of requests, plese allow up to 72 hours for the template to be installed to your account.  We will send you an e-mail as soon as the template has been installed and is ready for use.


Installed custom templates can be found in the My Custom Templates category of the category selector.

Note:This category does not exist until one custom template has been added to your account.

20.3. Do you have a copyright and/or license for the graphics used in the templates?

Any graphics you see in our templates were either designed by us from scratch or were purchased and we do have the copyright information on file.  We would be happy to provide you with it should someone contact you wanting that information.  

We use only graphics licensed to Seller Sourcebook.

When using our MIYO (Make It Your Own) templates, please be sure you use your own graphics or photos for the background, or use one of our library backgrounds. Do not use copyrighted material. 



20.4. How do I save a MIYO template ?

If you've created a MIYO template combination you really like, and wish to use the same MIYO template continuously for new listings, we recommend saving a copy without any specific item information. Save it with a name you will recognize such as "MIYO Template" in your Saved Listings.

Now, if you want to create a listing with this template select it from your Saved Listings. Once you have opened it into the Listing Generator, add your description, images, etc., and click on the Save button and select Save As New.

This will save a copy of your listing and keep your original MIYO template intact.

If you are using our Listing Launcher, please keep in mind that you may use our Sell Similar function from the eBay Items Launched view, to launch a similar listing. You will find your previously used MIYO template intact when the listing is loaded into the Listing Generator, and you may launch an exact listing or a variation of it.

20.5. How do you add/remove templates from favorites?

Add Template to Favorites:

If you find yourself using the same templates over and over, you may add a template to your favorites.

Click on the Add to Favorites lock icon that appears just above the template thumbnail. Once you have added a template to your favories, a My Favorite Templates category will appear toward the top of the category selector. Next time you visit this page, the My Favorite Templates category will open by default.


Remove Template from Favorites:

To remove a template from your favorites, click on the Remove from Favorites lock icon.

20.6. Why can't I change or remove text in my custom template?

If the text was "hard-coded" into the HTML of your template, it is not editable via the Listing Generator. Your template designer has made it part of the template and it can't be altered. You would need to contact your designer and ask for a new template to be submitted to SSB.

We recommend not to hard code shipping and payment policies, or any other text you wish to be able to change on a regular basis within your custom templates.  Instead, we recommend that if you wish to have control over your text in the Listing Generator to have such text placed into your seller profile fields.  You may have more than one profile per eBay ID to account for different scenarios.

20.7. Why does the template layout break when I use full size images?

Some template designs have to have a fixed width so that they display properly.  Using the "Full Size" Image Layouts with large images (generally over 700px) will cause the template to break as the image is too large to display within the template.

Please use the Click to Enlarge image layout or reduce the width of your images so that they will display properly within the template.

Known templates that do not work with Full Size Images:
Halloween Swirl
Simply Scrolling
Tags - Navy

20.8. Why don't the two across "enlarge" layouts work for some templates?

When eBay changed their listing page to a narrower layout, adjustments had to made to some of our library templates to accommodate their graphics as well as meet eBay's requirements. As a result, some templates allow a single image row instead of two images across.

The following templates have single image row:
Embroidered Cloth
Fall Chubbies
Grandfather Clock
Happy Holly-Days
Haute Couture
Herringbone - Suit
Hide & Seek
Making Movies
North Pole
Petit Four - Pink & Green
Pinstripe - Suit
Quilting Time
Retro Blue Flowers
Retro Pink Flowers
Ribbon Floral
School Uniforms
Shabby Architecture
Shabby Rose Border
Snowman Wishes
Stylish Shopper
Tuxedo - Suit
Tweed - Suit
Whimsy Chic
Whimsy Santa
Wildflower Fields
Winter Chubbies
X & O Bling

21. WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get)

21.1. What are WYSIWYG controls?

What are WYSIWYG controls?

You may not be familiar with the term, but you've probably used them before! WYSIWYG ("WIZ-ee-wig") is an acronym for "What You See is What You Get". In computing, it refers to editing software where what you see while editing closely resembles the finished product. Here, it means that the font, colors, and other features of your text will look close to how they'll look in your finished listing, so you don't need to squint at HTML code.

A WYSIWYG text editor usually has multiple buttons with different features. Most editors allow you to make text Bold, Italic, or Underlined. Many allow text to be aligned to the left, right, or center of the screen. Some also help you add links, lists, tables, or special characters. Many modern websites offer WYSIWYG editors. On SSB, WYSIWYG controls may be used when editing the text in your profile information or listing descriptions.

The WYSIWYG editor is enabled by default within SSB accounts, but can be disabled by navigating to Account > Your Seller Sourcebook Account > Site Preferences and unchecking the box next to Use WYSIWYG controls.

Note: WYSIWYG controls may not be shown when creating a listing for a listing site that does not support full HTML. This does not affect your current site preference. As long as WYSIWYG controls are enabled, WYSIWYG controls will be offered when creating a listing for a listing site that supports full HTML.

21.2. Where is the Papyrus font?

SSB's includes web safe fonts with the WYSIWYG editor. Web safe fonts are fonts that are most likely to be installed on computers by default (so the fonts display properly).

Microsoft stopped including Papyrus as a default font that gets installed with their operating system, so it is no longer a web safe font.

If you have the Papyrus font installed on your computer, you will be able to see text written in Papyrus. The issue is that other people viewing your listing might not have the Papyrus font installed on their own computers. If they don't have the font, they will instead see a substituted font that may or may not display your information how you expected or wanted.

We removed the Papyrus font so that the font you select will have a much higher chance of being the font that potential buyers will actually see.


21.3. Why is HTML shown instead of text?

This can happen with the Internet Explorer browser, if you are viewing the page in Compatibility Mode.

In the Internet Explorer address bar, tap or click the Compatibility View button. This should turn off compatibility mode, and you should then see the page displayed properly.

NOTE: We no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer, as Microsoft retired Internet Explorer 11 on June 15, 2022. If you are still using Internet Explorer, we highly recommend switching to a newer browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Any older sites that need Internet Explorer can be viewed using "IE mode" in Microsoft Edge.