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1.7. Listing Generator: Copy code (use if not launching)

Listings > Prepare > Saved Listing Drafts >

OR: Click on the Code button button while in the Listing Generator.

To use the listing code that you generated on SSB as your description for a listing on eBay or any other auction site, you must first copy your completed listing code.

We provide several methods to get your listing code. The method you choose is up to you and can be dependent on what web browser you use.

NOTE: When you copy the HTML code for your listing it will be copied to your computer's clipboard. The clipboard is an invisible area on each computer used to temporarily store cut or copied information. The Clipboard contents are erased when new information is placed on the Clipboard or when the computer is shut down.

How to Copy Listing Code:


1: Copy Code Button
Recommended for PC users with older web browsers, like Internet Explorer or the AOL web browser. (Note: Neither of these browsers are officially supported anymore.)

On the Get Code screen, click the Copy Code button. The button's text will change to Code Copied when the code has been copied to your clipboard.

2: Your Code Box
Recommended for PC users with Firefox, or Mac users.

Step One: Click your mouse inside the Your Code box, and the code in the box will become highlighted.

Step Two: Copy the code to your clipboard. PC Users: right-click & choose copy; Mac Users: Ctrl-click & choose copy.

3: Download Code
If you are not using Internet Explorer, or you are using a Mac, you may choose to download your code. Right click the "Download Code" link and choose save to disk. The file will be saved as templatecode.txt.

NOTE: Please open the code file in Notepad. It is not recommended that you use Microsoft Word.

4: Email Code
You may choose to have your listing code emailed to you. Your email address will be displayed in the "Email to:" field. Click the Go button.

These services will not display your code correctly. Emailing code to any of these services may result in missing listing photos, template graphics, and text formatting and color.

NOTE: Please open the code file in Notepad. It is not recommended that you use Microsoft Word.

UPDATE: As of 09/12/2018 emailing code as an attachment to an email is no longer supported.

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