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The Template Gallery allows you to browse our template options. It's often the first place new subscribers visit, to explore the variety of templates available. We have many choices, so we've placed the templates into categories to make it easier to find what you need. We've also included a search box that allows you to use keywords to find a template that best coordinates with the item you're selling.

How to select a template category:
When you first reach the Template Gallery, you will find yourself in the All Templates category. To choose a different category, click on the Category selector and a list of all categories will appear. To select a category, click on it and the page will refresh to show you all the templates in that category. A category may have more than one page of templates. If this is the case, a Page selector will be shown below the Category selector in the action bar.


The "View SSB keywords" link has been removed. Instead, the full list of keywords will be shown if a search yields no template results. The "Suggest Template" link has been removed. If you have an idea for a new template, feel free to contact our help desk!


How to search for templates:
Enter one or two keywords in the search box and click on the rightward search glass icon. The templates that match your search will appear in order of relevance, with the highest relevance toward the beginning. If no templates are found, a list of available keywords will shown, instead. Click on a keyword to see all templates tagged with that word!

Are you Feeling Lucky?
Clicking on the "Feeling Lucky!" link will return a row of four randomly chosen templates from our Template Gallery. It's a fun way to explore without digging through every category! The next time you click on the link, another four templates will replace them. We do not retain these random template selections, so if you see a template you like, add it to your favorites!

Favorite Templates:
To add a template to your favorites, click on the lock icon that appears by the template thumbnail. The icon's appearance will change when clicked. To remove the template from your favorites, click on the unlock icon.

Once you have added at least one template to your favorites, a My Favorite Templates category will appear toward the top of the Category selector. The next time you visit the Template Gallery, the My Favorite Templates category will open by default.

How to preview a template:
To preview a template, click on the template thumbnail. A page will pop into view, showing the full-sized preview. If the template has alternate borders, headers, or other features, you will see those options above the preview. Change the selected option(s), then click on the leftward search glass icon to reload the preview. You may return to the Template Gallery by clicking on the Close button at the top.

How to select a template for listing:
You may select a template while on the preview page. To do so, simply click on the tools icon near the top, and the Listing Generator will open with that template selected.

The ME icon has been removed, as eBay no longer supports About Me pages.


Make It Your Own (MIYO) Templates:
We have a special category of templates: the Make It Your Own or MIYO templates. These templates allow you to create a unique template that might better suit your needs. With MIYO templates, you may use your own images to create a background for the border. MIYO templates can have either single or double borders.

If you're planning on using a MIYO template, be sure you have first uploaded some images to your Image Manager. Smaller files of 400 pixels or less in width work best. If you haven't uploaded images for your backgrounds in advance, you will be given the opportunity to do so within the Listing Generator. In addition to using your own images, we also offer a library of premade images, accessible within the Listing Generator.

To use a MIYO template: Select the Make It Your Own category, then click on the template thumbnail of the template you wish to use. On the preview page, you will see options for this template. After selecting them, click on the tools icon to be brought to the Listing Generator.

Custom Templates:
If we have installed a custom template for you, you will find it in the My Custom Templates category. Look for this category in the Category selector! Please note that this category does not exist until at least one custom template has been added to your account. For information on having custom templates added to your account, please contact our help desk.

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