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3.1. New Listing: Choose Template

Listings > Prepare > New Listing

When creating a new listing you first will be directed to select a template.

NOTE: If you haven't set up a Listing Profile yet we recommend doing this first. To set up a Listing Profile, please click on the Preferences tab and then on Listing Profile. Once on the Listing Profile page, please click on the Help tab for additional information about setting up a Listing Profile.
How to select a template category:
SSB will display the All Templates category by default. To choose a different category please click the Category menu and select the category of your choice. The page will refresh and then display the templates in the category you have selected. Most categories have multiple pages. To view the next page of templates in a category you may use the page selector just below the category field.
How to search for a template:
Enter one or two keywords in the search box and click on the Search button. The templates that match your search will appear in order of relevance, with the highest relevance toward the beginning.
How to preview a template:
To preview a template mouse-over the  icon above the template thumbnail.
How to select a template:
Select a template by clicking on its picture. Once you have selected your template, you will be brought to the Listing Generator page to begin creating your listing.


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