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2.3. Listing Utilities: Restore Saved Listing Draft (Recycle Bin)

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The Saved Listing Draft UnDelete workspace is also known as your Listing Recycle Bin. If you've deleted listings from your Saved Listing Drafts, you will see the names of your deleted listing drafts displayed here. Listing drafts are kept in backup for 30 days. 

How to Undelete Saved Listing Drafts:
To restore a listing draft, checkmark its Undelete box and click on the UnDelete Checked Listings button. You may also checkmark the box, "and attempt to undelete images." Instead of selecting individual drafts, you may click the Select All on Page button. If you have many saved listing drafts in your recycle bin and are having trouble finding one, enter all or part of the listing draft name in the search box and click on the Search button.

When a listing draft is undeleted, it is returned to the Saved Listing Drafts page, and the associated images are returned to the Image Manager. If you had any active eBay listings, the images will be returned to eBay as well. 
How to Empty Recycle Bin:
You have the ability to permanently delete all the saved listing drafts we're keeping in storage for you. Please keep in mind that this action is not reversible!
Click on the Empty Recycle Bin button. You will receive a warning "This will remove ALL the saved listings in your Recycle Bin. You will NO LONGER be able to undelete them." To proceed, click on the I understand button.

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