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5.4. Saved Listing Drafts: Delete

Listings > Prepare > Saved Listing Drafts

While having saved listings is useful for items that are listed frequently, or for seasonal items, we recommend removing any listings that you are no longer planning to use. Minimizing the number of listings saved to your accounts speeds up our program's operation.

How to delete a listing draft:
Click on the icon next to the listing draft.

How to delete multiple listing drafts:
Check mark the listings select box, and then click on the Delete Multiple Listings button.

A menu will open. You may choose to delete all listings within the category you are viewing (the default radio button selection, delete listings saved before a particular date, or delete listings based on your check marked selections.

Just below the Delete Selected Listings button within this menu, there is a check box that reads Also Delete Images in Selected Listings.

Checkmarking this box, will delete all images within your Image Manager that were attached to the saved listing drafts being deleted. Do not pick this option if your images may be linked to other saved listings!

Note: Do not delete the images if they are being used in live listings as it will cause the images to not display in your listing!

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