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5.1. Saved Listing Drafts: Overview

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The Saved Listing Drafts page contains listings that you have created and saved for later use. You may sort your listings, search for them by category or keyword, move listings from one category to another. If you have recently changed your profile, you may change the profile of one or more of your saved listings.

From the Saved Listings page is where you may open a listing to the Listing Generator for editing, preview your listing, get your listing code, or prepare to launch it to eBay or Bonanza.

To the left of the listing name there are four icons that allow you take these actions.

Note: If you do not have an eBay token, then a prepare to launch button will not display.


Open your Listing:
Clicking on the tools icon will open your listing to the Listing Generator for editing.


Preview your Listing:
The preview icon will show you a full page preview of your listing. Once you have previewed it, close the window with the close button.


Get Code:
The Get Code button will open the HTML code page. There, you can click on the Copy Code button to obtain your listing code for sites that our not supported by our Listing Launcher.


Prepare to Launch your Listing:
The Prepare to Launch Listing icon will open our Listing Launcher page.

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