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1.5. Listing Generator: Listing Images

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How to add images from the Image Manager:
In the Listing Images area, hover over the Add button and then click on Add from Image Manager to open the Image Chooser.

You will see thumbnails of images if already uploaded. The category selector at the upper left hand corner will default to the "New Uploads" category (if you have uploaded images within the past 24 hours), otherwise, you will be in your "All Images" category. If you need to access a different category, click on the arrow next to the category and select your category. The Image Chooser will refresh and show you the images for that category. To select an image, just click on the image thumbnail and you will see a copy of it appear above.

Continue adding images by clicking on the image thumbnails. You may pick duplicate images if you wish. When you are finished adding images, click on the Close button at the upper right hand corner of the Choose Listing view.

How to swap images:
You may simply swap images (trade places). Here's how: Hold down the Shift key, click on the orange drag bar of the first image, and drag it over another image and drop it (release the mouse button). Be sure to hold down the Shift key during this process. The images will trade places.

How to replace images:
You may decide that you want to swap an image with one that is not among the rows of selected images. In this case, click on the image thumbnail of a selected image and the Image Picker will open. You will see the image you're replacing off to the left side with "Replace Image" where its drag bar normally appears. Simply click on any image thumbnail in the image picker. The image picker will close and the new image will take the place of the original image.



How to clear images:


How to select Image Layout:
The image layout controls how your images are displayed within the template. Clicking on this button will open a selector with graphical representations of the layouts. The Enlarge and Single layouts always show your images at 300 pixels wide within the template. When clicked to enlarge, your full-size image will appear. If you prefer for your full-sized images to appear with no requirement to click to enlarge, then select one of the full image layouts. The display layouts show images at 300px wide, but do not enlarge. The thumbs layouts are designed for 12 or fewer images. When you mouseover a thumbnail, an "enlargement" 300px wide is displayed.

The "EPS only" image layout can be used if you would like the images uploaded to eBay for the gallery image but do not want the images embed within the template.  This image layout is applicable to eBay Seller Profiles only.

Selecting the "EPS only" layout will not embed the images within the template but will send them to the Listing Launcher.  You may then select the eBay Picture Services check box (with or without Picture Pack), and the images will be sent to eBay.  If you don't wish to send multiple preview pictures, you may simply checkmark, "Gallery Photo & Preview Picture."








How to add captions to your images:

In place caption editing is available. Simply click on the words Add Caption and you may enter a caption for your image. Click on the Save button when finished, or you may cancel by clicking on the Cancel button.

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