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1.4. Listing Generator: Listing Options

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Listing Options:
Profile Info
The Profile Details section allows you to change other information pertaining to your profile. You may choose a different profile (if you choose a profile attached to a different eBay ID, that eBay ID and applicable Store ID will be displayed); Your Logo and its location and your Auction Links.

Template Options
To change the template, click on the Change Template button. You will be brought to the Choose Template window. Pick another template by clicking on its image thumbnail. You will be brought back to the Listing Generator. The information you had previously entered will remain intact and the new template name will be indicated in the Listing Generator bar. You are then free to preview your listing again.

Some templates allow further customization. If this is the case, you will see additional template options for that particular template. Depending on the template design, you may choose colors, backgrounds, whether or not to have a "Welcome" header, etc.
If you have selected a MIYO (Make It Your Own) Template you will have the option of selecting a background from the SSB library, or from your My Backgrounds image category. Or you can choose to enter a URL to an image to use for a background.

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