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1.4. Listing Generator: Template Options

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Template Options:

Template: At the top left of this section, the Template that's currently selected will be listed by name. By hovering over the small magnifying glass icon shown to the right of the template name, you can view the template preview image.

Change Template: To change the template used for your listing, hover over the Change Template button menu and click on one of the options that appears:

"Search Template Gallery": Click on this to open the Choose Template window and browse all available templates in our Template Gallery. You can use the Category dropdown near the top left to change the category, and the Page navigation to change which page of that category you're viewing. To select a template, click on its image thumbnail. Once a template has been selected, the window will close automatically.

"from Favorites and Customs": Click on this to open an option list showing the templates you've marked as favorites, as well as custom templates (if you have any). Use the scroll bar to look through the list, and click on a template name to select it. Once a template has been selected, the option list will close automatically.

Other Categories: Other categories may be shown by name in the Change Template menu. These are usually the most recent template categories you've selected a template from. These options behave almost identically to Search Template Gallery. The difference is that the Choose Template window will immediately load that category.

Once a template has been selected, the name of the template you selected will now be shown at the left.

Template Options: Some templates allow further customization. If this is the case, you will see additional template options for that particular template. Depending on the template design, you may choose colors, backgrounds, whether or not to have a "Welcome" header, etc.

If you have selected a MIYO (Make It Your Own) Template, you will have the option of selecting a background from the SSB library, or from your My Backgrounds image category. You may also choose to enter a URL to an image to use for a background, instead. For more information, please see our article on how to create a MIYO template.

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