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1.6. Listing Generator: Listing Text

Listings > Prepare > New Listing
Listings > Prepare > Saved Listing Drafts > Edit/Tools icon

Listing Text, AKA Item Header and Description:
These sections are where you enter your Item Header and Description. WYSIWYG controls are enabled by default.

The Item Header will be copied into the Title field in the Listing Launcher, but you'll be able to change it there if you'd prefer the title of your listing to be something else.

The Description field is where you can describe your item. If you have entered information in your Seller Profile, the rest of the fields will be filled out automatically for you. To see their contents, just click on the Other Information, Payment, Shipping, or Listing Terms tabs. You may keep the profile information the way it is, or change it just for this listing.

To change the profile information for this listing only, simply click inside the relevant field to open it for editing. To toggle between the edited version and the original, click on the checkbox labeled Change Profile Info - This Listing Only. The information saved in your listing profile will not be affected by these edits.

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