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Scroll to the top or bottom of your screen and Save, Preview, get Code, or Prepare to Launch your listing.
How to save your listing:
Although not required, we highly recommend that you save your listings. Our system does not save listings automatically. If you begin a listing, but won't be able to finish it in one sitting, you must save it. Saved Listings are also needed in the event a listing needs to be revised at eBay or another auction site. To save your listing, click on the Save button at either the top or bottom of the Listing Generator page. Enter the name of your listing and click on the Save button. If you are editing an existing listing and wish to make a new listing out of it, click on the Save as New button within the Save menu. What this does is save another copy, keeping your original intact.
How to preview your listing:
It is recommended that you preview your listing before choosing to either Save, Prepare to Launch or copy the listing code. Click on the Preview button that appears at either the top or bottom of the Listing Generator page. The Listing Preview window will open. To close this window, click on the Close button.
How to get listing code: 
If you are not listing to eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors US or Bonanza, then you will need to get the HTML code for your listing. To do this, click on the Code button. You will be brought to the code page where you may copy your HTML code. Another reason for needing to get code is in the event a listing is already launched to eBay and it needs to be revised.
Note: You will not see the Code button if you have a token.  To turn on the option to see the code button go to Site Preferences and uncheck the option Remove 'Code' button if token exists.
How to launch your listing:
If you are listing to eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors US or Bonanza then our system supports direct posting to these sites. There is no need to get code. Simply click on the Prepare to Launch button. You will be brought to the Listing Launcher form where you may fill out your information to either launch your listing immediately or schedule it.
How to revise your listing description:
When you prepare to launch your listing you will be taken to the launcher form. If you decide that you want to change something in your listing description, click the Edit Description button located in the Description - HTML Template section of the launcher form (just above the preview of your listing.) You will be returned to the Listing Generator to make your changes. When you have finished your changes, click on the Back to Launcher button to return to the launcher form.

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