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1.2. Listing Generator: Action Bar

The action bar will be shown on either the top or bottom of the screen, depending on your Site Preferences. In the Listing Generator, it contains buttons you may use to SavePreview, get Code for, or Prepare to Launch your listing. If you're listing to a site not supported by our Listing Launcher, you may also see a URL for Images button.
Save - How to save a draft of your listing:
To save your listing, click on the Save button menu shown in the action bar, then type a short name for your listing draft and click on the Save button within the menu. If you are editing an existing listing draft, you will also see a Save as New button in the menu. When working on a draft, clicking the Save button will overwrite that draft (even if you change the name). If you wish to make a new draft out of your edits, you should click on the Save as New button, to save a copy of the draft (but keep your original intact).
Although not required, we highly recommend saving drafts of your listings. If you don't have time to finish a listing in one sitting, you can always continue your work by loading the draft from the Saved Listing Drafts page.
Preview - How to preview your listing description:
To view the generated listing description, click on the Preview button shown in the action bar, and the Listing Preview window will open. To close this window, simply click on the Close button.
We suggest checking the Preview before choosing to Save, get Code, or Prepare to Launch, to get a feel for what your listing looks like. 
Code - How to get listing code (HTML): 
If you are not listing to eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors US or Bonanza, you will need to get the HTML code for your listing description. To do this, click on the Code button. A pop-in window will open, and you will be able to copy your HTML code.
Note: You will not see the Code button if you have a token for the selected listing site. To turn on the option to see the Code button, go to Site Preferences and uncheck the option Remove 'Code' button if token exists.
Prepare to Launch - How to launch your listing:
If you are listing to eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors US or Bonanza, you should not need to get code, as our system supports directly posting listings to those sites. Simply click on the Prepare to Launch button, and you will be brought to the Listing Launcher form. In the Listing Launcher, you may fill out your information to either launch your listing immediately or schedule it for later. For more information on how to launch a listing using the Listing Launcher, please check our Listing Launcher Knowledge Book.
URL for Images - How to get a URL for a page showing your images:
If you are listing to a site that is not supported by our Listing Launcher, you can still show your images to buyers with the help of a special URL. In the action bar, click on the URL for Images button. A pop-in window will open, and you will be able to copy the relevant URL. This URL is for a page that can be used to show your selected images to others. (This can be useful when listing to auction sites that don't allow embedded images, but do allow external links.) Please see our Copy URL article for more information on this feature.
Note: You will not see the URL for Images button if you have not added any images. After you select or upload images in the Images section of the Listing Generator form, the button will become visible.

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