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The Listing Generator is where you create your listing description. You may enter an item description, edit your profile information, and select images for your listing. You may also upload images for your listing if you haven't already.

Once your listing description is completed, you may preview it, save it, prepare to launch it, or copy the listing code.

For more information on each section in the Listing Generator, scroll down to the Form Sections heading.

orange video icon Creating a Listing:

Form Sections:
The Listing Generator form is separated into five main sections (Seller Profile SummaryTemplate OptionsListing Images, Item Header, and finally the Description and Profile Information (Other Information, Payment Terms, Shipping Terms, and Listing Terms) text areas. At the top or bottom of the page, you should also see an Action Bar with multiple buttons (the leftmost one being "Save"). For more information on each section, click the section names below to jump to the relevant article.

Seller Profile Summary: Here, you may change the selected seller profile, and indicate whether or not you want a showcase (if one has been made) or listing links.

Template Options: Select the template for your listing. From the Change Template button menu, select Search Template Gallery to look through all available options. If you have at least one template marked as a favorite, you can select "from Favorites and Customs", as well, to pick from one of your favorite templates.

Listing Images: Select an image layout and add images to your listing. Image Layout determines how the images are arranged when they are embedded in your listing description. ("EPS only" will not embed any images at all.) From the Add button menu, you may select "Add from Image Manager" (which lets you select from images that were already uploaded to SSB), "Upload" (which lets you upload new images to SSB), or "Add URLs" (which lets you use images that were already uploaded to another website). Once images have been added to the listing, they may be rearranged, replaced, captioned, etc.

Item Header: Here, you may add a header for your listing description. Text entered here will be copied into the Title field in the Listing Launcher, but you'll be able to change it there if you'd prefer the title to be something else.

Description: Here, you may type your description. Information from your profile will be loaded in automatically for Other Information, Payment, Shipping, and Listing Terms, but you may switch to those tabs and edit those fields for this listing only, as well.

Listing Generator Action Bar: At either the top or bottom of the page, you should see the action bar. Here, you can click on "Preview" button to view the generated listing description. You can also use the "Save" button menu on the left side to save a draft of your work. The "Code" button may be used to copy the generated HTML code. Click "Prepare to Launch" to load the Listing Launcher form, where you can enter listing information and launch your listing to eBay or Bonanza.

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