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Through Site Preferences you can customize how your SSB account functions.

The check boxes and drop-down menus give you choices to control the feature or function listed in the heading.

There are four major headings in Site Preferences: Image Manager, Listing Generator, Saved Listings and General options.

To the right of each customization, you will see an orange question mark icon. Use your mouse to "mouseover" or roll over the question mark icon and a box will pop up with an explanation of that feature or function.

Once you make changes, they are automatically applied to your account. To be sure your pages are refreshed, do logout and then back in when making changes to Site Preferences.


Image Manager Preferences
Choose which image uploader you would like to use to upload your images from your computer to your SSB account by using the "Enhanced Uploader preference"; drop down.

Once you upload your photos, you can organize your images in the Image Manager. You can choose how you want your images organized in Image Manager and how you want it to look and function.

Listing Generator Preferences
The Listing Generator is the system that takes your images, description and the template you choose, and generates the HTML code to list your auction. You can customize the layout of the Listing Generator, as well as turn on or off many features.
Saved Listings Preferences
Once you generate your listing, you can save it, prepare to launch it, revise or duplicate later. This section allows you to customize the view of your Saved Listings section.
General Options Preferences
This section gives you many options to control how you use the general features in your SSB account. Rollover the question mark for a detailed explanation of that feature.
Reset Button
You may use the Reset button to restore all Site Preferences to the default settings that were in effect when you logged into your SSB account for the very first time.


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