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6.2. Classic Uploader: Select Images

Images > Manager > Classic Uploader

The Classic Uploader allows you to upload one (1) to ten (10) images at a time.
How to select and upload images:
Click on the Browse button next to each image field; a Browse window will open. Navigate to the directory where you have stored your images. When you find the image, highlight it, so that the image name appears in the Filename field and click on Open. The complete path name to your image will appear in the field next to image slot.


You may select a category for an individual image or use the Category drop-down in the Action Bar to have all images placed into a single category. If you do not select a category, images will be placed in Uncategorized. In addition, your uploads will show up in the temporary New Uploads category which shows all images uploaded in the last 24 hours.

The Caption field is used to place any information you would like to appear about the item directly under the image in your auction listing. The caption field is optional, and you have the ability to add captions to your images from the Image Manager or the Listing Generator.

Continue selecting images as described above. When you are finished, click on the Upload button at the top of the window or press ALT-U (Mac users press CTRL-U) on your keyboard. When the upload is complete, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the window, indicating how many files were uploaded. If there were any problems encountered, you will be alerted. You may then upload 10 more files or go to the Image Manager to view your images.

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