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7.2. RealUploader: Select Images by Dragging and Dropping

Images > Manager > RealUploader

Drag your images from the folder they are saved in on your computer and drop them in the image uploader. Note: Drag and Drop is not available on Mac due to changes made by Apple to their operating system.

How to Drag and Drop Images (PC only):

1. Locate the images you wish to upload.
In order to use Drag & Drop, you must open a window to your computer's hard drive that points to where your images reside. For example, if you are using Windows 10, click on Start > File Explorer > and you will see a window showing your C: drive, as well as your document directories.

Where you go next depends on which directory your pictures are stored. If they are stored in the Pictures folder, then double-click on it to open the folder and view your image file.  If not in the pictures folder, you will need to find your image directory where your camera software sends your images. Double-click that directory until your window is filled with thumbnails or filenames or your photos. Whether or not you see thumbnails of your images is controlled by the preferences you've set within your computer's operating system.

Resize the window so that it's not filling up your screen and set it aside so that you can see your images AND the SSB Drag & Drop window. 
2. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on as many photos as you want in your image window. Selected photos will be highlighted.
Note: You can also select a series of images by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard, clicking on the first image, and then clicking on the last image. All images will be highlighted.
3. Click on any image in the group and keeping your left mouse button pressed, move your cursor over to the Drag and Drop window. Release your mouse button to"drop" the images into the uploader.
[!] Note: If your browser is Chrome or Chrome based, you may need to "drop" your files directly onto the "Add files" button.
An image list will appear in the uploader box. You may keep adding images by dragging them from your images directory to the drop box. Should you change your mind about your selections, you may click on the red "remove" icons that appear in each image thumbnail. When you are ready to upload the images, click on the blue Start upload button. Your images will appear in the Upload Monitor as they are uploaded.


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