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8.11. Why are images taking a long time to upload and only a few or no images appear?

To use Classic Uploader, file sizes must be smaller than 550KB. If images begin to upload, but then never appear in your Image Manager, or you find that you can upload, but only 1 or 2 at a time, it's most likely because of your file sizes. This can cause your browser to time out.

To check your file properties, go to My Computer and navigate to your image directory. Right-click on an image and select Properties. If you see that your file size is larger than 550KB, then it would need to be resized.

A good image editing program we recommend is IrfanView.  Download Irfanview.

Generally, if your image is wider than 1600 pixels, your file size would be too big. Resize your images to 1600 pixels or less before attempting to upload using Classic Uploader. Many digital cameras allow you to select a resolution setting, if you change your camera settings, this would avoid having to resize your images before uploading them to our server.

Our Bulk uploaders will accept files up to 5MB in size because it provides image scaling before uploading. However, the larger your original file sizes, the more processing must be done, resulting in longer uploading times. The more large images you have, the fewer you will be able to upload in one session.

If you are using one of the bulk uploaders and not able to upload images please email our support desk.  It may be a connection issue and we can check that for you.

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