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3.4. Image Utilities: Image Categories

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The Category Manager allows you to categorize your images. Here, you can create new categories in which to file your images and delete categories no longer in use. By using categories you can keep your images well organized and speed up your listing time when in the Listing Generator.

Default Image Categories:
Each account automatically has three categories:

My Logos: If you have your own logo you should upload it to the My Logos category so it will be selectable in your Listing Profile and the Listing Generator.

My Backgrounds: You may upload images to be used as your special backgrounds within our MIYO (Make It Your Own) Templates.

Uncategorized: All uploaded images that are not specifically categorized are placed in Uncategorized.
How to create a new category:
Type the category name you wish to use in the category field and click the Add New Categories button. You may enter many categories at once, each on its own line and they will be created all at once.
How to rename a category:
Click the Rename button, enter the new name in the field and click on the Save button.
How to delete a category:
Click the icon to the right of the category.
If the category contains images you will be asked where you would like to move the images to.

You can select Send to Recycle Bin to delete the images or you can select one of your image categories to move the images to.

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