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The Image Category Manager allows you to manage your image categories. Here, you can create new categories in which to file your images and delete categories no longer in use. By using categories, you can keep your images well-organized and speed up your listing time in the Listing Generator. You may have up to 50 image categories.

Default Image Categories:
Each account automatically has three or more default image categories. The main three are My Logos, My Backgrounds, and Uncategorized. If applicable, your account may also have more categories, like eBay Videos or My Imported. Default categories are listed at the top of the category table. They cannot be renamed or deleted, and are not counted toward your category total.

My Logos: If you have your own logo, you should upload it to the My Logos category. Images in this category are selectable as logos in your Listing Profile and the Listing Generator.

My Backgrounds: Images uploaded to this category may be used as special backgrounds within our MIYO (Make It Your Own) Templates.

eBay Videos: If you have uploaded videos to eBay for use with eBay listings, this category will be made to contain records of each uploaded video.

Uncategorized: All uploaded images that are not specifically categorized will be placed in the Uncategorized category.

My Imported: If you have imported listings to SSB, and chose to import their images with them, this category will be made to contain imported images.

How to create a new category:
On the left side of the page, you should see a text field. Type the category name you wish to use, then click the Add New Categories button. This will create a new image category using that name. To enter many categories at once, simply type each category name on its own line. When you click the Add New Categories button, they will be created all at once.

If the text field for making new categories is greyed out and unusable, you've reached or exceeded* the image category limit (50). You will not be able to create new categories via this field until you have deleted enough categories to get under the limit.

*(The category limit may be exceeded if a new category is made while uploading images.)

How to rename a category:
Click the category's Rename button, enter the new name in the text field, and click on the Save button.

How to delete a category:
Click the icon to the right of the category.

If the category you wish to delete contains images, you will be asked what to do with those images. Use the "Move them to" dropdown to choose where they should go. "Recycle Bin" is selected by default.

Another Image Category: If you wish to keep all of the images, select a different image category from the "Move them to" dropdown. (If you don't wish to re-categorize the images, simply select Uncategorized.) When you click the Continue button, the category will be deleted, and the deleted category's images will be moved to the category you selected.

Recycle Bin: If you wish to delete all or most of the images, select Recycle Bin from the the "Move them to" dropdown.

If you'd like a chance to confirm your decision, and keep any images you wouldn't want deleted with the rest of the category, make sure that the "Do not confirm - just remove" checkbox is NOT checkmarked. When you click Continue, you will be prompted to choose which images you would like to keep, if any. Checkmark the "Keep" checkbox next to any images you wish to keep. When you click Confirm Removal, the category will be deleted, and any images you did not choose to keep will be deleted with it. Any images you chose to keep will become uncategorized.

Do not confirm - just remove: If this option is checkmarked before clicking Continue, the category and its images will be deleted IMMEDIATELY upon clicking Continue, without a confirmation screen. You will not be given the chance to remove images from the list of images being deleted. Do not checkmark this option unless you are absolutely sure that you don't wish to keep any of the images in this category.

[ ! ] If any of the images you deleted are still being used by active listings, they will no longer show in those listings once deleted. If you accidentally delete images that you need, you may want to restore them.

You may also click on the Cancel or Close button to cancel the category deletion.

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