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The Image Block function allows you to block eBay auctions where a seller is linking to the images in your Image Manager without your permission. Please note that Image Block will not work if someone has actually copied your picture and uploaded it to eBay's or another auction site's server. Due to the nature of internet browsers a computer-savvy person can copy your image URLs and thus use your photos without your permission.

How to block images:
Enter the eBay auction numbers for each listing you wish to block on separate lines in the space provided. Next select the radio button to indicate what alternate image you would like displayed instead of yours. Your choices are "Stolen Image" or just a plain red X. Then click on the Update Block button.

You may even block an entire domain. Doing so will prevent your pictures from being displayed on that domain. However, do not block eBay.com! Doing so will block the images in all of your auctions as well!

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