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4.3. Bulk - ActiveX/Java: Select Images by Dragging and Dropping

Drag your images from the folder they are saved in on your computer and drop them in the image uploader.  Note: Drag and Drop is not available on Mac due to changes made by Apple to their operating system.
How to Drag & Drop images (PC Only):

In order to use the Bulk Uploader, you must first navigate to the folder on your computer that contains the images that you want to upload.
Once you have navigated to the folder that contains your images, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the images you wish to upload. They will all become selected, and you will see them outlined in blue.

Now, click on the first image in the bunch, keep your left mouse button pressed and drag the images to the upload box. Release your mouse button (this "drops" the images). The images will appear in the uploader box.

You may keep adding images to the uploader box in the same manner until all of the images you wish to upload have been selected.

Should you change your mind about your selections, you may click on the x next to the image thumbnail to remove it. When you are ready to upload the images, click on the Upload button. Your images will appear in the Upload Monitor as they are uploaded.

You can also select a series of images by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard, clicking on the first image, and then clicking on the last image. All images will be highlighted.


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