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Image Uploader Options:

The Quality Action determines the amount of compression that will be put on your images when they are uploaded. Good is the default quality setting. The higher the setting you choose, the less compression will be placed on your image when you upload and the larger your image will be, making your auction page load more slowly.

For Example: Maximum will put the least amount of compression if any on your images while Good will put the greatest amount of compression on your images. Higher compression has the advantage of little to no noticeable difference in appearance, but a smaller file size. A smaller file speeds up the loading of your auction page.

We recommend starting with the lowest setting and looking at the final result. If the quality appears to be affected, you can use the reupload option to try a better setting. Most digital camera images will look identical to the original at the lowest setting.

The Width Action determines the size your images will be scaled down to. Width is measured in pixels, and the default is 900px). If your images are smaller than the chosen Width, they will not be scaled up nor down, but will be left at their original size.

Watermark All Images*
If you have edited an image and added a watermark, you will see a Watermark All Images checkbox. If you would like the watermark added to the images you are going to upload, check the Watermark All Images checkbox.

Note: The option will only show if you added a watermark to an image, it will not show if you added text not using the watermark color.

Upload Category
By using the Upload Category drop-down menu, you may designate which category all your images will be uploaded to. Uncategorized is the the default, unless you change it.

New Category
You may create a new category without needing to first go to your Category Manager. Simply enter the category name of the new category you wish to create before selecting your images to upload. Your images will upload to this new category, and you will find it listed among your category names in your Category Manager as well as included in the Image Manager.

Note: This option is not available for the Classic Image Uploader.

*Must have advanced Image Editing enabled in Site Preferences. Please note that eBay no longer permits watermarks or added text within product images. 


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