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1.1. Image Uploader: Overview

The Bulk Uploaders allow you to upload more than ten images at a time. Although the Bulk Uploader permits larger batches of images, the individual file size must be lower then 5MB with a combined file size total under 99MB in each upload batch. It is recommended that you cap your bulk uploads at 50 images at a time.

Currently, the supported image types are:  jpg · jpeg · gif · png · bmp · tif · swf (supported for logos). 

We do not support .mp3 or any music files at this time.

To change to a different image uploader:
Navigate: Account > Your Seller Sourcebook Account > Site Preferences.
In the Image Manager section select the uploader you would like to use from the Enhanced Uploader Preference option list. Logout of your account and back in for the changes to take effect.
Bulk - HTML5:
PC: Firefox, Chrome, Edge (dragging and dropping images is supported.)
Mac: Firefox, Safari, Chrome (dragging and dropping images is supported.)
RealUploader (HTML5):
PC: Firefox, Chrome, Edge
Mac: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
Bulk - Flash:
The Flash uploader is no longer supported.
Bulk - ActiveX/Java:
PC: Firefox (dragging and dropping images is supported.)
Mac: Firefox, Safari
All Browsers: You must have Java installed and enabled.
If you do not have an Active X or JAVA-enabled browser, please use the Bulk - HTML5, RealUploader (HTML5), or Classic Uploader.




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