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2.4. eBay Items Sold, Paid, and Shipped

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eBay Items Sold Category (View):
Each time you make a sale, a transaction is recorded in the Sold category.

If you have a multi-quantity or variations listing (Fixed Price), a transaction record will be added to Sold for each sale that occurs for that one listing. However, the main listing record for your multi-quantity listing will remain in the Active category until all quantities have been sold. If you have an Auction style listing, then once the highest bidder has won your auction, it will be moved to the Sold category and removed from the Active category.

There are several Status icons that indicate what is going on with your listing:
Insured (for eBay US and Canada, where package insurance is available)
The accuracy of this information depends on the transaction data received from eBay. We synchronize with eBay daily based on your SSB account activity, and ask eBay for a fresh update right after you access your eBay Items pages. (Note: There is a 2-minute delay in this process to receive any fresh data from eBay, so if you don't see a recently-sold item in your Sold category, try checking the page again within a couple of minutes.)

You may perform the following Actions in the Sold Category: They are Sell Similar, Remove from SSB (previously named "Delete"), View, Mark As Shipped / Mark As Unshipped, and Add Insurance. (There is no "Mark as Paid" action.) You may also view and print a Packing Slip from the Actions menu, if desired.
Mark As Shipped / Mark As Unshipped:

The Mark As Shipped action allows you to send tracking and carrier information to eBay. It is offered only after an item has been paid by your buyer.

To add tracking, click Mark As Shipped, and a "Mark as Shipped" will open. Enter the tracking number and Shipping Service, then click on the "Mark As Shipped" button. The information you entered will appear in your eBay account next to the Sold item shown on the "My eBay" page. It will also be reflected within your buyer's "My eBay," in their purchase history.

The Mark As Unshipped action allows you to remove tracking and carrier information from eBay. It is offered only after an item has been marked shipped, in placed of the Mark As Shipped action.
Click Mark As Unshipped, and a "Mark as Unshipped" window will open. Click on the "Mark As Unshipped" button. The tracking number and shipping carrier will be removed from your account at SSB and at eBay for both your account and your buyer's.
Add Insurance:

The Add Insurance action is available only for sold items that are both Paid and Shipped. In other words, the buyer must have completed checkout at eBay, and the item must have been marked as shipped (either at eBay or at SSB).
Before using this action, check that you have sufficient Insurance Funds in your account, and add funds if necessary.

Selecting the Add Insurance action opens the "Add Insurance" workspace. For more information on this action and its workspace, please see the article Shipping Insurance: Add Insurance. Insurance may be added only within 48 hours of the ship date.

(Note: There is no "Cancel Insurance" action at this time. If you wish to cancel an insurance purchase, please contact our help desk.)
eBay Items Paid and Shipped Categories (Views):
When your buyer pays for a sold item, the "Paid" status is applied to the transaction record in Sold, and that record becomes viewable in the Paid category. Similarly, when the item is shipped (or marked as shipped), the "Shipped" status is applied, and the record becomes viewable in the Shipped category.
The Paid and Shipped categories are available mostly for convenience in finding items, and offer the same actions found in the Sold category.

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