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2.2. eBay Items Active

Listings > eBay Items > Active
eBay Item Active Category (View):
The Active category shows all items still running at eBay and waiting to be purchased.

You may perform the following Actions in the Active Category: Sell Similar, Revise, End Item, and View.
  • If you have a Bonanza profile and token for a Bonanza ID, To Bonanza will also be available.
  • If you have eBay profiles and tokens for more than one eBay ID, Transfer will also be available.
In the Type/Status column:
  • The listing type is shown as barcode on orange background Fixed Price or auction hammer on yellow background Auction.
  • The Sold status will be shown  checkmark on green background if the item has sold.*
  • The Returned status will be shown letter R with rightward arrow on dark background if the item has been returned.

*(Note: The sold status can be seen in the Active category if a listing has a Quantity higher than 1. For example, if a listing launches with a Quantity of 5, and 3/5 sell right away, records for the 3 sold items will be added to the Sold category, but the listing will still have a record in Active, because the remaining 2/5 are still available.)


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