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3.4. Relist a Launched Listing

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How to Relist from eBay Item Launched:
Only ended listings that were posted to eBay via the SSB Listing Launcher may be relisted from SSB. If you have met eBay's relisting criteria, eBay will credit your insertion fee.
When you relist, eBay will assign a new eBay Item number and a new entry will be shown for that listing on the eBay Items Launched page.  When the listing ends you will need to relist from that listing and not from the original listing.

You will be brought to the Listing Launcher page.

If you would like to edit your description, click on the Edit Description button above your listing preview. Make your changes and click on Back to Launcher.

Note: You are also free to relist your items from your My eBay page at eBay although we don't recommend this as then your item will not show in SSB on the eBay Items pages. The images hosted by SSB, as well as the template will be retained for your relisted item.

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