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2.1. eBay Items Categories Overview

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eBay Item Categories:
  1. Scheduled: Listings scheduled to launch to eBay.
  2. Failed: Scheduled listings that failed to launch to eBay.
  3. All Launched: Listings that were launched to eBay.
  4. Active: Listings launched from SSB that are active on eBay and waiting to be purchased (both Fixed price and Auction style).
  5. Unsold: Listings launched from SSB that ended without a sale.
  6. Sold: Record of each sale for listings launched from SSB.
  7. Paid: Record of paid items.
  8. Shipped: Record of shipped items.
  9. Imported: Record items imported using Listings Import.

Note: If you list an item from SSB and it ends, and then it is Relisted or Sold Similar from eBay (a new item number generated) and that new item sells, it will not appear in the Sold category at SSB. Please try to perform your relisting and selling similar from SSB whenever possible to avoid this problem.



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