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2.1. Image Manager: Overview

Images > Manager > View Images

The Image Manager displays images you have uploaded to your SSB account. Information about your images, such as the upload date and file size are also displayed.

Image List layout:

1. Select All on Page
Click on the Select All on Page button to select all of the images on the page. This may be used to move images to a new category or delete multiple images.

2. Go to Page
If you have multiple pages of images, you may click on the orange arrows to go to the Previous or Next page, or use the dropdown to select a specific page number.
3. Icon Legend
Hover you mouse cursor over the question mark icon to view the icon legend.
4. Mouseover Preview
Hover your mouse cursor over the preview icon will cause a preview to appear in a small window. This preview will disappear as soon as you move your mouse cursor off the preview icon.
5. Rotate
Click on a rotate icon to rotate your image. The options are Rotate Left, Rotate 180, and Rotate Right. To rotate the image a more specific number of degrees, you will need to use the Image Editor, instead.
6. Edit / Restore Image
If you would like to crop, lighten, add a watermark or text to your image, or make other adjustments, click the Tools icon to open the Edit Image window. To restore an edited image back to the original image (up to 48 hours after changes are made), click on the Restore icon.
7. Single Image Delete
To delete a single image, click on the Delete icon link to the right of the image thumbnail. If you delete an image by mistake, you can restore it from your SSB Recycle Bin.

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