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6.7. Seller Profiles: Get an eBay Token

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If you are listing at eBay US, UK, CA or AU then you can take advantage of our Listing Launcher which launches your listings directly to eBay. In order to use the launcher, you must first get a token for your eBay ID.

A token allows Seller Sourcebook to launch listing on your behalf without your having to reveal your eBay login information to us! If you have at least one profile for an eBay US, UK, CA, or AU ID, you will see the eBay Auction Launcher Token Management table appear just below your table of profiles.

You need get a token just once for each eBay ID. For example, if you have three different profiles for one eBay ID, you need to get your token just once. If you happen to have three eBay IDs, then you must get a token for each one.

How to get an eBay token:
Select Get a token from the action menu to the right of your seller id. You will be redirected to eBay where you will be asked to login with your eBay ID and password and give authorization for Seller Sourcebook to launch listings for you.

When you have successfully obtained your token, you will be brought back to the profiles page and an expiration date for your token will appear. When this token expires, you will have to click on the Refresh Token button.


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