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6.6. Seller Profiles: eBay Update


Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles
Select eBay update from the Action menu to the right of your seller profile.

Listings created in SSB that are on eBay US, AU, CA, UK, and eBay Motors US, can be updated with the eBay Update option. If you make changes to your seller profile, you can use eBay Update to update listings that were made using that profile. eBay update will update both your active listings on eBay and your scheduled listings on SSB to use the current information in your seller profile.

eBay update feature only updates the listings attached to the specific seller profile being updated. If you have multiple seller profiles, and wish to make an update to multiple profiles, you will need to run the update utility for each profile.

Note: eBay Update may fail to update listings that were not originally created at SSB, or listings lacking SSB variables. eBay Update can only update listings that have already been indexed by eBay. We recommend waiting at least 2 hours after adding listings before updating your profile. If you have your eBay store set to vacation, the listings will not be updated

This utility will not update saved listing drafts. To update the profile information in your drafts, please navigate to Listings > Prepare > Saved Listing Drafts, select the drafts you wish to update, and use the Replace Profile Info button.

How to update your listings on eBay:

Active Content & Secure URLs ONLY will be checkmarked by default.

Update Other, Update Payment, Update Shipping, and Update Listing Terms will be greyed out unless you UNcheck Active Content & Secure URLs ONLY. These options may be used to update particular sections of profile information. The update will replace the information currently in the active and scheduled listings, even if "Change profile info (this listing only)" was checkmarked when making the listing.

The final checkbox will be either Remove Showcase (if your profile does not have a default showcase) or Change/Add Showcase (if your profile does have a default showcase).

Remove Showcase will be checkmarked by default, so be sure to UNcheck it if you do not want your showcases to be removed.

Change/Add Showcase will be greyed out unless you UNcheck Active Content & Secure URLs ONLY. Listings will be updated to use whichever showcase is currently selected for your profile.

When ready, click on one of the Revise Listings buttons (found at the top and bottom of the screen) to run the utility. The utility will look through all listings for that eBay Seller ID, looking for ones made using that profile. A report will display, showing you the status of the updates occurring.

If you have a large number of listings that need to be revised, the system will schedule them for revision in increments. When the revisions have completed, the system will send an e-mail to notify you.

Click Close on the upper right of the page to close this window. You will be returned to the Seller Profiles page.

After the update is complete:

On the Seller Profiles page, look for a page icon (page icon for eBay update report) to the right of that profile's Action menu. Click on it to view the eBay Update Report.

Listings missed by the utility may be fixed via the individual Revise action for those listings.

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