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6.3. Seller Profiles: Delete

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How to Delete a Seller Profile:
If you wish to delete a Seller Profile select Delete from the action menu next to the profile name. If you have any saved listing drafts using the profile you have selected you will be taken to a confirmation screen. Here you will be given the option to assign the listings using this profile to a different profile, delete the profile as well as the listing drafts that are tied to it, or you may choose to not delete the profile and leave it in your account.

If the Seller Profile you have chosen to delete is not being used in any Saved Listing Drafts you will not be taken to the confirmation page and the Profile will be immediately deleted.

Note: If you delete a Seller Profile, the listings created using the seller profile that are live on eBay will not be able to be updated as the listings are tied to the specific seller profile used when creating them. We recommend editing existing profiles instead of deleting and creating new ones unless you are certain there are no live listings attached to the seller profile.

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