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6.4. Seller Profiles: Listing Defaults (Profile form)

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Click Create New Profile or select the Edit action for an existing profile.

On the Profile form, you may create or edit a profile and set default information to be used for all new listings made using it. These are known as Listing Defaults. Only a Listing Site and Seller ID are required, but if you have an eBay Store and wish to list to it, the Store Name should also be entered. All other fields are optional and may be further edited or replaced while creating a listing using that profile, but you may find Default Profile Text helpful if you'd like certain information to be automatically inserted into your listing descriptions.

Listing Defaults:

Listing Site (required): Please select your listing site. The default is eBay US, but you may select any listing site from the list, or Other for a different listing site.

Seller ID (required): This would be your ID on the listing site you will be listing at.

Store Name: This would be your Store Name, if you have one.

Default Template: If you always want to use the same template when creating your listings, you can select it here from your My Favorites template category.

Use these links: Select the links that you would like shown at the bottom of the listing. Links available will vary based on the listing site you have selected. Not all listing sites have links available.

Default Logo & Location: If you have a store or seller logo uploaded to your My Logos category in the Images Manager you may select it here.

Default Profile Text: Text entered here will be inserted automatically into all listings made with the profile. If you do not wish to have text common across your listings, simply leave these sections empty. You will also have the opportunity to edit these sections while creating a listing.

Profile Form Action Bar:
When creating a new profile, the action bar contains a Save button. When editing an existing profile, Update is added, and Save is replaced by Save As New. In either case, there will also be a text entry box for Profile Name on the far left, a Cancel button after the save buttons, and a Preview button on the far right.

Profile Name: Type here to name or rename your profile. Up to 20 characters. A profile's name may be changed at any time, as each profile has a unique internal ID. (Note: If you try to save or update the profile without any text in this field, you will be shown a warning, and our system will generate a simple name to place in the box -- e.g. "eBay Profile". If you save a new profile with the same name as one of your existing profiles, our system will append a number to the end of the name -- e.g. "eBay Profile_1".)

Save / Save As New: Saves the entered information as a new profile.

Update: Updates your existing profile with whatever edits you just made to it.

Cancel: Cancels your progress and returns you to the Seller Profiles page.

Make this my default profile: If you checkmark this box, the profile will be set as the Default Profile when you submit the form. Only shown if the profile you're working on is not the Default Profile. (If you are editing the Default Profile, you will see the text "This is my default profile", instead.)

Preview: Displays an example of how the profile's info would be used for a listing. (If the profile does not have a default template, the template "Plain & Simple" will be used for this preview. Since it's a preview, there is no Title and the Description is placeholder text starting with "Your item description will be placed here.")

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