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6.2. Seller Profiles: Profile List

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The Profile List can be found at the top of the Seller Profiles page. Here, you can manage your saved Seller Profiles.

Profile List:
A list of your Seller Profiles, arranged in a table. Above the table is a button to "Create New Profile". The table lists each profile's Profile Name, the Seller ID that profile is for, the Listing Service that Seller ID is for, and Actions you may take related to the profile. Profiles are arranged from most recently updated to least recently updated. The current Default Profile is marked with a green checkmark () on the Profile List. Available actions include Edit, Delete, Preview, New Listing, Make this Default, and eBay Update (if applicable).



Edit: Select if you wish to make changes to the profile. (All aspects of the profile, including Listing Service and Seller ID, are editable, though we do not recommend changing the service or ID if the profile is currently in active use.)

Delete: Select to delete the profile. (Warning: Deleted profiles cannot be restored!)

Preview: Select to preview an example of how the profile's info would be used for a listing. (If the profile does not have a default template, the template "Plain & Simple" will be used for this preview. Since it's a preview, there is no Title and the Description is placeholder text starting with "Your item description will be placed here.")

New Listing: Select to start a new listing using the profile. (This will open the Listing Generator with that profile already selected.)

Make this Default: Select to set the profile as your Default Profile. (If you have more than one profile, the default profile is the one that will be selected automatically whenever you start a new listing via Listings > Prepare > New Listing.)

eBay Update: Select if you wish to update the profile information in all listings made using the profile. (This action opens the eBay Profile Update utility. This action is only available for eBay profiles.)

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