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6.3. Seller Profiles: Create or Edit

Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles
Click Create New Profile or select the Edit action for an existing profile.

Seller Profiles may be used to enter standard information you would like to appear in each of your listings. A profile can decrease your listing time, as its profile information will be automatically inserted into each listing you create using that profile. You can create multiple Seller Profiles with different information, or even different eBay Seller IDs (as long as they belong to you).

When creating or editing a profile, you may set up various Listing Defaults. Only Listing Site and Seller ID are required fields, but if you have an eBay Store and wish to list to it, the Store Name should also be entered. All other fields are optional and may be further edited or replaced while creating a listing using that profile.

For more detailed information on the options available on the Profile form, please view the Listing Defaults article.

How to Create a new Seller Profile:
On the Seller Profiles page, click on the Create New Profile button to reach the Profile form, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select a Listing Site and enter a Seller ID. (Note: If you do not already have a token for that Seller ID, you may be prompted to obtain one.) If you have an eBay Store, your Store Name should also be entered. Any other fields in this area of the form are optional.

Step 2 (optional): Add some Default Profile Text. Information placed in these sections will be automatically inserted into the sections by those names when making a new listing. You will be able to further edit these sections when making the listing, later. If you're not sure what to enter, simply leave these sections blank in your profile.

Step 3: Type a Profile Name, then click Save.

With this, you have successfully created a Profile and will be taken back to the main Seller Profiles page. Your new profile will be shown in the Profile List.

How to Edit a Seller Profile:
On the Seller Profiles page, select Edit from the action menu next to the seller profile name. You will be taken to the Profile form to make your changes.

When you have finished, click the Update button in the top action bar to save your changes.

You may instead choose to click the Save as New button, to save the edited profile as a new profile. This action will leave your original profile intact.

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