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6.1. Seller Profiles: Overview

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To use SSB, you must have at least one Seller Profile, with a Listing Site selected and a Seller ID entered.

To launch listings via SSB (to listing sites supported by our Listing Launcher), you must also obtain a Token for each applicable Seller ID.

The main Seller Profiles page contains the Profile List and Launcher Token Management table. For more information on these sections, please see their respective articles in our Knowledge Base.

What is a Seller Profile?

A seller profile contains information common to each of your listings. To use SSB, you must set up at least one profile. At minimum, every profile must have a Listing Site (the site you wish to list to) and a Seller ID (your username or seller name on that listing site). The listing site, in particular, helps our system determine which options should be available when that profile is selected.

If you have information common across most of your listings (e.g. size chart, shipping info), you can enter it as Default Text in your Seller Profile. This can reduce listing time, since you won't need to enter the same text over and over again! You may also leave the Default Text blank, if you do not wish to use this feature.

When creating a new listing on SSB, your default profile will be used. If you have more than one profile, you will be able to select a different one. The information from the chosen seller profile will be displayed within the Listing Generator. You may leave this information as it is, or alter it for the particular listing you are creating.

Some sellers use profiles for notably different groups of items. (For example, you could have separate profiles for clothing, books, and fragile items. The clothing profile may have a size chart or other clothing-specific information. The books profile may specify a grading system for book condition. The fragile items profile may indicate that items will be packaged with care.) Other sellers use profiles to help sort shipping differences (light, medium, heavy), to separate Store items from non-Store items, etc. How you use your profiles is up to you! The profile name doesn't affect anything, as each profile has its own internal ID, so you may name your profiles however you'd like.

What is a Token?

A token is what allows Seller Sourcebook to launch listings on your behalf, without you needing to reveal any login information to us. Our Listing Launcher currently supports launching directly to eBay US, UK, CA, AU, Motors US, and Bonanza. In order to use the launcher, you must first get a token for the relevant Seller ID.

If you have at least one profile for a relevant Seller ID, you will see the Launcher Token Management table appear just below the Profile List on the Seller Profiles page. There, you can use the token action to get a token or refresh an existing one.

Note that tokens are per Seller ID, not per profile. For example, if you have three eBay profiles, but they're all for the same eBay ID (e.g. yourebayid01), you only need a token for that one eBay ID. (This is true even if the profiles are for different eBay sites, like US, eBay UK, and eBay CA.) However, if you have three different eBay IDs (e.g. yourebayid01, yourebayid02, and yourebayid03), then you must get a token for each ID.

Tokens usually last a while (12-18 months), but may become invalid sooner at the listing site's discretion -- usually for security reasons. For example, changing your eBay or Bonanza login information will automatically invalidate all tokens obtained for that Seller ID. If this happens, you will need to get a new token!

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