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5.5. Can I use eBay's Global Shipping Program with SSB?

If you have opted in to eBay's Global Shipping program, you will see the Use eBay Global Shipping option shown in the International Shipping section on the SSB launcher form. Select the check box to include the listing in eBay's global shipping program.

Eligibility to Offer the Global Shipping Program

Currently, sellers may offer shipping via the Global Shipping Program in their listings, subject to the following qualifications:

The seller must be opted in to the Global Shipping Program, and have a seller rating of Above Standard or higher.

The listed item must be located within the United States, listed on eBay.com, and in an item category that is eligible for Global Shipping. The item must not be illegal, hazardous, subject to export restrictions, prohibited by eBay, or prohibited by the Global Shipping Program. (See the eBay User Agreement and the International trading policies and FAQs.)

The buyer usually must have delivery address that is a residence or street address, not a P.O. box, FPO or APO address. However, a P.O. box is acceptable for certain select countries.

The total value of the final order (including shipping and handling, but not import charge) cannot be more than USD 2,500.00 (USD 1,600.00 for buyers in Canada). However, some countries have lower maximum sale prices.

The package's weight, length, and dimensions must not exceed the maximum values allowed for the buyer's country. Different countries have different maximum values. To reach the most buyers, the package should not exceed a weight of 66 lbs, a length of 66 inches, or dimensions in sum of 118 inches.

( i ) Package Dimensions: Dimensions = length + 2 * (width + height). The length is the package's longest side.

Offering Multiple Shipping Services:

Sellers who have not opted in to the Global Shipping Program can specify up to four domestic and five international shipping services for a listing.

Sellers who are participating in the Global Shipping Program can specify up to four domestic and four international shipping services, plus Global Shipping. This is the case regardless of whether or not the Global Shipping Program is actually offered for the listing.

If the Global Shipping Program is offered for a listing, it takes precedence, and International Priority Shipping will be the sole international shipping service offered to any Global Shipping-eligible buyer who views that listing (For example, besides Global Shipping Program, if you were to include two Priority Mail-type services, one UPS and one FedEx, the UPS and FedEx services will not display in the listing even though they were submitted to eBay).

If the buyer or the item is determined by eBay or the international shipping provider to be ineligible for the Global Shipping Program, the other international shipping options will automatically be offered for the listing instead.

Additional Information:

For more up-to-date information on eBay's Global Shipping Program and country-specific restrictions, please check eBay's Global Shipping Program Help Page.


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