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5.17. What is Condition Description?

The Condition Description field is used to describe an item that is not new. It is available for all eBay sites and all item categories (even categories that don't usually request an Item Condition, such as "Antiques"). You may enter up to 1,000 characters.
According to eBay, this field should be used to "provide additional details about the item's condition, such as whether it has defects, missing parts, scratches, or other wear and tear."1 eBay recommends describing your item as accurately as possible, to avoid buyer disappointment and possible disputes. For example, a used dress could have the following Condition Description: "The dress has a stain about the size of a quarter at the bottom back hem."
The information in your Condition Description will be ignored by eBay if you have selected any of the following item conditions: new, brand new, new with tags, new in box. If you feel you need to describe the condition of a new item, do this in your Item Description instead. (For information about Item Conditions in general, please see eBay's current Help articles on Creating a listing (especially the Item condition section), and Item condition by category.)
Condition Description is NOT indexed by eBay (i.e. made available in search), and you may not use the Condition Description to enter brands, promotions, payment, shipping or returns information. This field is for ONLY describing the item's condition. If you fail to comply with eBay's policy, eBay may return an error, and your listing may fail to launch. If your listing does launch, it may be removed by eBay later.
For used items, eBay asks that sellers only put Item Condition information into the Condition Description field, as this field appears at the very top of the listing and is better visible to your buyer. eBay does not want Item Condition information in the Item Description, and asks that you not duplicate your content or provide conflicting information (i.e., do not say one thing in the Condition Description and then contradict it in your Item Description). Please do not use the Condition Description field to say, "See item description."
On a Revise, you may not change the Condition Description if your item has bids or ends within 12 hours, or when a fixed-price listing has outstanding best offers.
The Condition Description field is sticky in the case of Sell Similar. Please be sure to edit it to reflect the condition of the item you're selling.
1(Source [archived]: eBay Help article for Providing Item Condition)

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