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3.3. How do I optimize my listings for better eBay search rankings?

Suggestions for optimizing your listings for better search rankings:

  1. Write a good title.
    • DO Use up to 80 characters to describe your item
    • DO Make your title clear, concise and professional
    • DO State exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name
    • DO Use sentence or title case
    • DO Use correct spelling
    • DON'T Use all capital letters.
    • DON'T Use special characters like punctuation marks or asterisks
    • DON'T Include multiple synonyms (like purse, handbag, and bag).
    • DON'T Use words that don't describe your item (wow or l@@k)
    • DON'T Use words that are false or misleading
  2. Use the Image layouts that have the images "below" the description text.
  3. Complete as many of the recommended item specifics as possible to insure your items are returned in search and ranked properly.
  4. List in the correct category. Selecting the right category is crucial to accurately describe your inventory. Be precise when you select your category so it is the most relevant one for your item.
  5. Focus on customer satisfaction. Offer the highest levels of service possible to your buyers. Reduce your low detailed seller ratings (DSRs ) and the number of buyer claims against you. Achieve Top Rated status.



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