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3.2. How do eBay's Search Results & Best Match work?

Search Results:
eBay uses an algorithm to figure out where listings rank and are shown in search results. eBay won't disclose the full details of the algorithm but they have stated that the following things do effect where your listings will show in search results.

1. Seller follow best practices
2. Sales History
3. Adopt service standard
4. Be top rated
5. Seller DSR
6. Handling Time
7. Shipping costs or if they offer Free Shipping

Best Match:
Best Match is eBay's default sort order for search results. The goal of Best Match is to increase sales and reduce bad buyer experiences.  Best Match considers a number of factors, which may vary based on the listing format and selected categories.

These include:
1. Relevance to the buyer's search
2. Item popularity with buyers
3. Value to buyers
4. Listing completeness and quality
5. The listing's terms of service (such as return policy and handling time)
6. The seller's track record on eBay

Items are given a "score" and then sorted. Auction-style and fixed price listings are sorted separately according to the most relevant criteria and then combined to show buyers a mix of both types of listings on each page of search results. Best Match is regularly updated, but the keys to success for sellers remain the same: follow best practices and optimize for clicks and sales.

For more information on Best Match please view eBay's help page: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/searchstanding.html

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