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14.1. Can I enter my own HTML into the WYSIWYG editor?

Our program has a WYSIWYG editor that can be enabled by going to System Preferences and checkmarking "Use WYSIWYG tools" under the General heading. You can also click on the HTML tab of the WYSIWYG editor and enter your own HTML.

Font Size
<font size=4>  your text here </font>

The templates are coded so the font size is a 3, the larger the number the bigger the font.

Font Color
<font color=red>  your text here </font>

Acceptable font colors are:  black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, purple, pink, gray, silver, teal, chartreuse, fuchsia, brown, aqua

Font Face
<FONT FACE="Font Name">Enter some text here</FONT>

Replace "Font Name" with the name of the font (leave in the quotes) and then enter your own text in the place where I typed Enter some text here.
Please be careful not to use really unusual fonts. When your buyer views your auction they will see the font only if it is installed on their computer. If not, their browser will substitute one.

<b> your text here </b>

<i> your text here</i>

<center> your text here </center>

All of these tags can be combined. Here is an example:
<center><b><i><font size=4 color=red> This sentence would appear in the listing center, bolded, in italics, red font color and a size of 4.</font></i></b></center>

These tags do not need to be done on each sentence; you can do these for a full section of text - multiple paragraphs - etc.


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