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15.1. How do I create similar listings?

If you're selling similar products, there is an easy way to create similar listings. How you do it depends on whether or not you're using our Listing Launcher.

If you use the "copy code method" navigate to Listings > Prepare > Use a Saved Listing.  Click on the tools icon to open the listing to the Listing Generator.

Make your changes. You may change any part of your listing, including the template. Preview your listing and then save it by clicking on the Save button and then using the Save As New button to create a new listing. Your original listing will remain intact. You are then free to copy code or use our Listing Launcher to launch this listing.

If you use our Listing Launcher, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched. Locate your item. Under the Actions menu, choose Sell Similar. You will land in the Listing Generator. Make any changes needed. Then click on the Prepare to Launch button. Proceed through the Listing Launcher form, Calculate Fees and then Launch your item. On the confirmation page (where we show you the eBay Item number) you will see a link that gives you the opportunity to return to the Listing Generator to save the listing.

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