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15.4. What is an Unfinished Draft?

Your listing changes are saved to the Draft Listing whenever you go to a different area of SSB.  If you go to a different website or close the browser the Draft Listing will show information up to the last time the system auto saved which is every 5 minutes by default.

If you have a draft listing and try to create a new listing, at the top of the Listing Generator page you will see a notice, "Please note: A Draft Listing Exists and will be replaced by a new listing if you proceed. If you need to finish the last listing you had started you can SWITCH TO THE DRAFT" (this is a button that would take you to the last draft).

To access the Draft Listing via the SSB menu, please navigate to Listings > Prepare > Use Unfinished Draft.

The draft listing is overwritten by the next one you start working on. There is only one unfinished draft.

To change the auto save settings please navigate to Account > Your Seller Sourcebook Account > Site Preferences and use the drop down menu next to the "Autosave Minutes" option.


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