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If you will be listing to any of the listing sites supported by our Listing Launcher (eBay US, UK, CA, AU, Motors US (parts only), or Bonanza.com), or to Etsy US, you will need to get a token for your Seller ID. A token allows Seller Sourcebook to launch listings on your behalf, without you needing to reveal your listing site login information to us!

When you make a profile for a Seller ID that does not yet have a token, you will be automatically redirected to retrieve a token for the appropriate listing site. However, if you cancel the retrieval process, you can still obtain a token from the Seller Profiles page. If you have at least one profile for a supported listing site, you will see the Launcher Token Management table appear below your Profile List. From this table, you can get a new token or refresh an existing one.

The following section contains a video showing how to obtain a token for eBay. For more information on how to obtain tokens for eBay, Bonanza, or Etsy, please see the Related Pages section at the end of this article.

orange video icon How to get an eBay token:

When you have successfully obtained your token, you will be brought back to the Seller Profiles page and an expiration date for your token will appear. When this token expires, you will need to use the Refresh Token action.



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