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1.1. Create a Seller Profile

Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles
Click Create New Profile button.

You'll need at least one Seller Profile to use our program. When making a profile, you must select a Listing Site (such as eBay, Bonanza, etc.) and enter your Seller ID (your username on that site). All other fields are optional. If there is information you would like to appear in each of your listings, you can put it in your profile. The profile's information will be inserted automatically into each listing you create using that profile.

If you are not already on the Listing Defaults page, please click on Create New Profile to get started.

How to Create a Seller Profile:

Step 1: Select a Listing Site and enter your Seller ID.

Step 2 (Optional): Enter any other information you wish to include in your profile.

Step 3: Enter a Profile Name and click the "Save" button.

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