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2.5. Change PayPal account used to pay subscription

PayPal will not allow us to change a person's billing from one PayPal address to another. You must renew your SSB subscription using your new PayPal address. Once the renewal comes in we will close out the billing to your other PayPal address and send you a prorated refund if you had any paid time remaining. Nothing on your actual SSB account will be changed as far as images uploaded, saved listings, etc. All we are doing is updating your billing.

Here is how to do a renewal.

Please go to the following page on SSB and login with your user name and password: http://www.sellersourcebook.com/amember/member.php

On the next screen choose the subscription you would like from the drop down menu and then click the order button. You will then be taken to PayPal to make the subscription payment. Once this has been done your account is all renewed using your new PayPal account.

Please email the help desk when you have completed the renewal process so that we may send you a prorated refund if it is owed to you.


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