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19.1. Do I need an account for each of my eBay IDs?

You may use as many eBay User IDs with one SSB account as you'd like, as long as they all belong to you.  You can manage multiple eBay ids by creating listing profiles for them.
**To create a listing profile:**
Click on Preferences >Listing Profiles
**Create New Profile**
Enter eBay User ID and complete information on form
Name and save the profile
**Edit existing profile**
Change eBay User Id
Give profile a new name and Save as New
**Get a Token**
If prompted, follow instructions and log into eBay to authorize and get a token.
If not prompted, scroll down to the Launcher Token table and select Get a token from the action menu.  Follow instructions and log into eBay to authorize and get a token.
**Default Profile (profile used when you create a new listing)**
On the Listing Profile screen, choose "Make this Default" from the Action menu.
To change your profile while on the Listing Generator page, click on the profile link in the "Listing Summary" section.  Go to the Profile Default section and select the desired Profile.
Should you need further help, please let us know.

If you have SSB Basic: Only one (1) eBay Seller ID may be linked to your SSB account at a time, and it must be for eBay US. If you wish to list to multiple eBay IDs, or to an eBay site other than eBay US, we recommend upgrading to an SSB Deluxe account.

If you have SSB Deluxe: You may link up to five (5) eBay Seller IDs with your SSB account, at no extra charge. Additional slots for eBay Seller IDs may be purchased in groups of five (5).

To purchase slots for additional eBay Seller IDs: Log in to your SSB account and navigate to the Account Records screen (Account > Your Seller Sourcebook Account > Account Management). You will be asked to log in again. After doing so, look for the heading "Upgrade or Renew a Subscription". From the Product dropdown, you may select the "eBay Seller IDs" option. Select your Payment Method, then click the Order button. For further assistance, or to inquire about alternative payment methods, please contact support.

To better manage your Seller IDs, you can create different seller profiles for them. SSB Basic is limited to four (4) seller profiles, but SSB Deluxe allows up to 100 seller profiles. Each Seller ID needs at least one profile. Note that if you wish to launch listings to eBay or Bonanza via SSB, you will need to get a token for each Seller ID, as well.

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