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8.10. Why do my images say Sellers Image No Longer Online?

"Seller's Image No Longer Online" is a placeholder graphic used to replace missing images. It may be used in a few different situations.

If any embedded images are missing from your listing description, you may have deleted or renamed those images on SSB. (This is the most common reason for missing images.)

If all embedded images are missing from your listing description, including template graphics, there may be a problem with either our image server or your SSB account.

If some of the embedded images in your listing(s) are affected:

You may have deleted those images from your Image Manager. It's also possible that you renamed those images in your Image Manager.

The HTML in your listing description at eBay links directly to the images in your Image Manager, using the filenames they had when you created the listing. If images by those names cannot be found in Image Manager, eBay will have nothing to display.

We recommend checking your SSB Image Recycle Bin, to see if your missing images were deleted. If you cannot find the missing images there, you will need to reupload your images to the Image Manager. They must have the same filenames as before. If your missing images are already in the Image Manager, but have the wrong filenames, you will need to rename them.

How to UnDelete Images:

Go to Images > Utilities > Restore Images to reach Image UnDelete Manager, which contains your SSB Image Recycle Bin. Here, you can find images that have been deleted within the past 30 days.

Find and select the images you want to restore, then click on the UnDelete checked images button.

How to Rename Images:

Go to Images > Manager > View Images to reach the Image Manager. Locate the image that needs to be renamed. Click on the "Name" link in its image info. Type a new name, then click the Rename button.

As soon as your images are back in place and have the correct names, they will immediately begin showing in your listings again. If you do not see the images in your listings, try pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time while viewing your listing, to reload the page without using cached information. If the restored images are in multiple listings, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

If ALL of the embedded images in your listings are affected -- including template graphics:

(--And, particularly, if ALL of your listings are affected:) Our image servers may be down, or there may be a problem with your SSB account.

Try to log in to your SSB account. Are you able to log in?

If you are completely unable to access our website, multiple servers may be down. Please contact our Help Desk to report the problem. We work to resolve server problems as quickly as possible, and the sooner a problem is reported, the sooner it may be fixed!

If you receive a message saying that your subscription has been canceled, or your account has been suspended, and are prevented from logging in, your account may have been closed. When an SSB account is closed all of its SSB-hosted images (including template graphics) are taken offline. Please renew your subscription or contact our Help Desk to inquire about the state of your account.

If you are able to successfully log in, check the News on the main page, then navigate to another page (any should do). When a server is scheduled for maintenance, a warning is usually posted beforehand, either on the News page or at the top of every page. If you see a notice indicating that the image server is down for scheduled maintenance, please wait until the end of the maintenance period. Your images will return to your listings when the maintenance period ends. If you do not see a notice, please contact our Help Desk to report that your images are missing from your listings.

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