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8.12. Why don't my Images placed via HTML appear?

You may choose to place images manually via HTML, instead of using our Image Chooser.

The correct HTML syntax for placing photos this way is:  <img src = "YOUR IMAGE URL">

If, instead of your photos, you're seeing red x's, this could be one of three common mistakes:

1) Be sure the image file name you're referencing actually exists in your Image Manager. You must use the exact file name, and not a variation of it.

2) You must enter a complete URL, not just the file name. To obtain the complete URL, look just below the image thumbnail in your Image Manager. An image URL begins with http:// and ends with the file name.

3) Be sure you've entered the correct punctuation. The quotation marks are part of the syntax. Also, be sure to include the img src part, as well as the less than (<) and greater than (>) signs that are part of the syntax.


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