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8.5. How do I resize my images prior to uploading them?

IrfanView is an excellent (and free!) program you can use to edit your images. After installing it, double click on IrfanView to open up the application.

Go to the File Menu, select Open. A window will open and you can navigate to where your images are on your hard drive.  Find your image, click on it and then click the Open button. The image will now be shown inside of IrfanView.

Next go to the Image menu and select Resize/Resample. A new window will pop up. Look to the left side of this window to the section that says Set new size, the radio button next to this should already be selected. In the Width box put in the number you want to resize the images to, the number in the Height box will change on it's own to make the image proportional. Click the OK button.

Your image is now resized down to an appropriate width for the web. You should now be back in the main IrfanView window.

Go to the File menu and choose Save. In the window that pops up you will now be given the option of where to save your image. First, you may want to save the adjusted images to your Desktop; this way you will have the original still if you need it. There will be a menu to the left of the save button that says Save as type.  Make sure that JPG - JPEG Files is selected and then click the Save button. Your adjusted image will now be saved to your Desktop.

Download and install Irfanview 


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