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1.6. Image Editor: Rotate & Resize

Images > Manager > View Images
To the right of the image thumbnail, click on the Tools (Edit Image) icon.

How to rotate and/or resize your image:

The "Edit Image" pop-in window will open. Click on the Rotate & Resize button.

Rotate & Resize:

Degrees: Enter a number from 0-359 to rotate the image that number of degrees. The default of 0 will not rotate the image at all.

To more quickly rotate your image, simply click on one of the quick rotation buttons to automatically fill in the number of degrees. From left to right, these are No Rotate (0), Rotate Left (270), Rotate 180 (180), and Rotate Right (90).

Size: Select a Width to resize your image to. Currently, the available widths range from 400 to 1400 (in pixels). The default of No Resize will not resize the image at all.

If you're satisfied with what you see in the Preview, click Apply to save your changes.

The quick rotation buttons are also offered within the Image Manager itself, as well as the Listing Generator. To rotate images while in the Listing Generator, click on the Add Images button and select Add Images from Manager to open the Image Chooser. Use the rotation tools just below the image thumbnails. After an image has been rotated, click on its thumbnail to select it for your listing.

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